The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) has led to a dramatic shift in the way businesses operate. It has brought about a revolution in the manufacturing sector, where machines and devices are now capable of communicating with each other to streamline production processes and increase efficiency.

As a leading manufacturer of packaging machinery, Lantech recently introduced LINC® (an IoT solution) for stretch wrappers and case erectors.

Reduce downtime, and provide real-time data insights

Lantech’s IoT-enabled case erectors are designed to improve productivity, reduce downtime, and provide real-time data insights. The machines are equipped to monitor various aspects of the production process, including the number of cases produced, the speed of the machine, and any errors or malfunctions.

This data is then transmitted to a central dashboard that provides a comprehensive overview of the machine’s performance. This allows operators to identify and address any issues quickly, reducing the risk of downtime and costly repairs.

One of the key benefits of LINC® enabled case erectors is that it gives visibility to maintenance needs. The machine can detect when components are beginning to wear out or malfunction, allowing operators to proactively schedule maintenance before a breakdown occurs. This not only reduces downtime but also extends the life of the equipment, reducing the need for costly replacements.

Another benefit of LINC® enabled case erectors is improved quality control. By monitoring the production process in real-time, operators can identify and address any issues that may be impacting the quality of the finished product. This ensures that each case is produced to the highest standards and reduces the risk of costly recalls or product damage.

In addition to these benefits, Lantech’s IoT-enabled case erectors can help customers monitor environmental impacts such as energy consumption and use of materials (tape, glue, and boxes).

Transforming the packaging industry

Lantech’s launch of LINC® for both stretch wrappers and case erectors is transforming the packaging industry by improving productivity, reducing downtime, and providing real-time data insights.

By leveraging the power of IoT, manufacturers can improve quality control, predict maintenance, and track environmental impacts, ultimately driving down costs and increasing efficiency.

As the manufacturing sector continues to evolve, we can expect to see more innovative solutions like LINC® for case erectors and stretch wrappers, that help companies stay ahead of the curve.

NPP, the Dublin based packaging and machinery company are a proud partner of Lantech. The company offer a suite of Lantech systems to the Irish market from stretch wrappers to case handling equipment.

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