Mobile solutions for job management play an important role in the way trade contracting services are performed today – but how do they impact customer satisfaction?

The increased quality of service that mobile solutions can facilitate has a flow-on effect when it comes to a customer's overall satisfaction with your staff, the work they complete and their ongoing relationship with the business.

Mobile solutions help streamline the efficiency of field processes and expand the level of information and intelligence that field staff can operate with on-site. This creates a much more desirable job management workflow for not only businesses, but also their customers. 

Let's take a closer look at the top three ways mobile solutions can improve your customer satisfaction and revolutionise field service operations.

Keeps customers in the loop

A mobile job management solution gives field staff access to essential job and customer data all from a single device. They no longer have to rely on saved emails,  or waste time trawling through files in the office or notes written on pieces of paper that might get lost.

Instead, field staff can use mobile solutions for instant access to all of the important information they need to properly communicate with customers. Instant access also helps field staff easily create a comprehensive job or quote summary.

Some mobile solutions can also capture the customer’s signature for sign-off on work completed, or even allow your staff to test assets in the field. 

Job management mobile solutions, like simPRO Mobile allow your team to show customers important details like:

  • Parts used
  • Part information (ie images, user manuals, videos, etc)
  • Labour performed
  • Site drawings
  • Job notes
  • Assets tested

This keeps customers more informed and included in the sales and service process, which greatly improves customer satisfaction with your business.

Optimises first-time-fix rates and service quality

Utilising mobile technology for your field staff means less time spent manually entering information and reduced human error.

In addition, by streamlining job data collection, through tools like eForms, and making all necessary documents readily available through an online tool, field staff can focus on the work at hand rather than data entry – ensuring the most optimal first-time-fix rate.

Having the ability to improve field staff productivity, in turn, improves the service experience for the customer, leading to higher confidence in the quality and timeliness of the work, and better customer satisfaction overall.

Delivers key insights for commercial customers

For commercial customers with maintenance contracts in place, asset testing is key.  Often larger customers require reports to show how their assets are performing. If this data is collected manually using paper and pen, collating it can be a cumbersome task.

Mobile solutions like simPRO Mobile enable field staff to test assets in the field using a set of predetermined checks entered straight into the mobile device. These checks can be customised to ensure the field engineer has collected the exact data required for the reports needed by the customer.

Delivering this level of reporting means that you can win larger commercial contracts, ensure higher customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty. Loyal customers are also more likely to refer others to your business and leave positive reviews online.

We are operating in a day and age where people can Google the weather a week in advance, or learn about the intricacies of a plumbing system in a five-minute video online. They can also write positive and negative online reviews that either help add credibility to your business, or detract from it, with the click of their mouse.

The more positive reviews your business receives online, the better reputation you build and the more likely you are to win new business.

A mobile solution can give your team the tools needed to keep customers informed, provide essential reports, and increase efficiency in order to deliver better service to your customer and increase the likelihood of a positive review or referral. 

The bottom line

There are two key things to remember when it comes to customer satisfaction: efficiency and information.

A mobile solution can help you ensure you are doing everything you can to provide your field staff with the most accurate, up-to-date information they need in order to execute work quickly and efficiently for your customers.

The faster you complete work, the more satisfied your customers will be, and the more likely they are to recommend your business to others.

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