We are thrilled to welcome our valued customers to ATC House for product training in our very own energy-efficient showroom and academy.

What is the ATC Academy?

Created as a customer learning centre, the ATC Academy is your hub for strengthening your knowledge of the ATC range of energy-efficient electric heating and high speed hand dryers through CPD training.

Who is it designed for?

  • Electrical wholesaler sales personnel;
  • Architects;
  • Electrical contractors;
  • Consulting engineers.

We also welcome electrical contractors in conjunction with their electrical wholesaler, for an enhanced training experience. This has been proven to be highly effective.

What is the ATC Energy Showroom?

The ATC Energy Showroom showcases the ATC range of electric heating and hand dryer products, which have been innovated and developed with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind. Our Smart range gives you the opportunity to take complete control over energy consumption – keeping costs low whilst still maintaining comfort.

What can I expect?

Our product experts walk you through the Energy Showroom, demonstrating how our products operate through live demos. Our experts will simplify the workings of the technology and the intricacies of each product, so you come away with an in-depth knowledge of the ATC product range.

A typical visit

While not all visits are the same, we can give you an idea of what a typical visit to the ATC Academy and Energy Showroom could look like:

  • Welcome and introduction;
  • Product overview and training;
  • Interactive showroom tour;
  • Marketing information and support;
  • Evening entertainment;
  • Visits can be designed to suit your time frame or schedule.

Product training

Training can be customised to suit you and your customers’ needs. A typical training session in the ATC Academy could look like the following:

  • Electric heating technology (CIBSE approved training);
  • Energy-efficient hand dryers: Benefits and opportunities in the current market;
  • Electric panel heaters vs electric thermal radiators;
  • Smart electric heating technology and its opportunities;
  • Digital electric heating: The eco-friendly choice;
  • Connected thermostats: Providing greater control;
  • What is radiant heating?;
  • Electric outdoor heating vs gas outdoor heaters: Cost savings and benefits;
  • Why use unvented water heaters?;
  • Bespoke heating design service.

How you benefit from your visit

  • Deeper understanding of ATC energy efficient products;
  • Direct support and relationship with ATC technical team;
  • Improved knowledge for your team through lunch and learn sessions;
  • View and use working product samples in our showroom.

Watch the video to find out more about a typical day of training at ATC:

Contact sales@atc.ie to book your visit or call 01 467 8301.