Paul Quinn, lead additive manufacturing applications and training engineer, Inspire3D, discusses the launch of the first 3D printer to come from the merger of Ultimaker and Makerbot, the UltiMaker S7.

Award-winning machine

The year 2023 sees the launch of the first 3D printer to come from the merger of Ultimaker and Makerbot, the UltiMaker S7. The S7 will be an addition to the already well-established S-Line of UltiMaker printers. More than 25,000 customers innovate with the UltiMaker S5 daily, making this award-winning machine one of the market's best-loved professional 3D printers. The new UltiMaker S7 takes this 3D printing experience to the next level. Packed with the latest technology, it includes an integrated air manager, flexible build plate, improved print head and fully automatic bed levelling. 3D printing high-quality parts and models is now easier and more reliable. The S7 is all about increasing print reliability and ensuring high-quality prints are produced print after print.

New features

​The new integrated Air Manager comes with an improved temperature sensor that works with the smart air management system to deliver consistent and greater control of temperature in the build chamber, and removal of up to 95% UFPs. The new design results in a fully enclosed build chamber to maintain a more stable internal temperature leading to higher quality prints.

The print head has been re-designed, once again to promote print success. A new inductive sensor is used to detect tiny variations in the build plates topography with increased accuracy. 3D prints succeed or fail because of their first layer on the inductive sensor.

Quick, toolless part removal

A flexible build plate ensure that each print starts off correctly all while maintaining the benefits of a flexible PEI build platform for quick, toolless part removal. An improved build plate heater also ensures a more evenly heated build plate improving reliability on larger prints.

Compatible with the UltiMaker Material Station the S7 can be equipped with up to six spools of filament to enable simple and efficient material handling for increased productivity and output.

The S7 is designed to allow for production level 3D printing with the reliability and ease of use of an UltiMaker. The new 1080pp camera allows the user to check print progress remotely with the UltiMaker Digital Factory.

The S7 is backward compatible with the existing UltiMaker S5 and will remain compatible with the UltiMaker ecosystem of over 280 materials, meaning the potential for applications becomes limitless. The S7 also offers seamless integration with industry-leading software, UltiMaker Cura.

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