Leading heating technology manufacturer Grant has an enviable product portfolio which includes Aerona3 R32 air to water, air source heat pumps, Vortex HVO biofuel ready condensing boilers and Spira Pell condensing wood pellet boilers. The company also provides diverse range of hot water storage systems to complement and support these main heat sources in new-build and existing homes.

Grant’s hot water cylinder range includes both fridge type and pre-plumbed units that are suitable for quick and easy installs. The stainless steel cylinders range from 210ltr to 300ltr in size and are designed to heat water faster and more efficiently than a standard cylinder, making them a perfect partner for sustainable heat sources.

Exceptionally strong and durable

The exceptionally strong and durable A rated single coil, indirect Duplex stainless steel monowave cylinder is 210 litres in size and is designed to maintain temperature for longer due to its higher levels of insulation, when installed alongside a Grant Aerona³ R32 air to water air source heat pump. These units are economical to run with minimal maintenance and no hidden costs, they have a high flow rate which is ideal for homes with multiple bathrooms and fast filling of baths. They contain mains pressure hot water for powerful showers. 

Grant stainless steel monowave cylinder.

The popular 210ltr pre-plumbed cylinder still features the same quality and efficiencies of the existing Grant cylinder range but are now pre-plumbed and pre-wired enabling fast and easy installation for the heating engineer or plumber.

Grant’s pre-plumbed cylinders come configured for two heating zones and a domestic hot water zone, with an option to add an extra heating zone. Each cylinder also includes a factory fitted automatic bypass. The wiring centre is a pre-configured electronic wiring centre that allows the installer to connect controls (stats, clocks etc), pumps and motorised valves together in a coherent and simple to understand manner. 

A perfect partner to Grant’s renewable ranges, particularly the Grant Aerona3 R32 heat pump - the Grant Integrated Unit is quickly becoming the hot water cylinder of choice for new build projects.

Standing at 1.8 metres high, with a footprint of 630mm x 695mm, it can be installed neatly within domestic spaces of a property. Grant’s range of hot water cylinders are manufactured from high grade duplex stainless steel and are indirect, mains water cylinders. 

The high gain 210 litre capacity single coil integrated unit has a solid, stainless steel coil which will lead to a much faster heating time and quicker recovery. In addition, the unit saves those installing the unit valuable time as it too has been pre-plumbed and pre-wired. 

Two-zone heating

Grant Integrated cylinder.

The Grant Integrated Unit has been manufactured for a domestic hot water zone that allows hot water priority and a two-zone heating, with an option for a third heating zone. Both the heating and potable heating vessels are included within the unit. The unit is also designed with the service engineer in mind when it comes to ease of maintenance and service.   

When installing a Grant hot water cylinder, it is very important that the unit has been correctly sized to ensure the hot water needs of the property are fulfilled.

As part of Grant’s Integrated Heating Packages offering is the company’s free of charge heating design service whereby Grant’s technical specialists size and specify the most efficient heating system for the individual property, helping to save vital time for those working on a new build or deep retrofit project.   

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