• Are you currently undertaking a new build or refurbishment project?
    • Do you wish to reduce the amount of emergency lights being installed?
    • Do you want to save on the amount of lighting points to be wired?
    • Do you want to reduce your labour time on site?
  In Ventilux, we have a highly experienced and talented R&D Department who are consistently designing products that reduce contractors’ project costs and also reduce our clients’ day-to-day costs. The OptiLens is a high specification, competitively-priced recessed emergency LED downlighter. The OptiLens utilises the latest lens development to provide market leading, uniform light distribution for both escape route and open-area emergency lighting applications, reducing the number of required emergency luminaires and radically reducing the overall electrical power consumption. We are delighted to announce that our new luminaire the OptiLens LED will be supplied complete with a six-year warranty. Please note that this will also include the battery. Supplied with both the escape route lens (asymmetrical light pattern) and open-plan lens (symmetrical light pattern) as standard, the OptiLens offers for the client ease of order processing and on-site installation. The OptiLens is an IP44 3 watt LED self-contained recessed emergency ceiling mounted flush downlighter, suitable for a ceiling cut out of 38mm and ceiling void of 220mm. Suitable for operation in a temperature environment from 0°C to 30°C and providing a minimum light level of 180 lumens in emergency:
      • Suitable for recessed ceiling mounting;
      • 38mm ceiling cut out;
      • 220mm ceiling void compatible;
      • Dimensions of lamp head – 50m;
      • Dimensions of remote pack – 480mm x 30mm diameter;
      • Easy to install and maintain;
      • IP44 from below lamp head.
If you wish to know more about any of the above products, please contact Ventilux on (01) 214 8800 or contact reception@ventilux.ie.