Viriform is proud to announce that it has recently re-entered the steel purlin market. Formerly known as Tegral Metal Forming, it is one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of structural and industrial metal products such as composite flooring, roof decking, roofing and cladding. And once again, purlins!

Leveraging feedback from engineers, fabricators and specifiers from around the country, the company said it is delighted to now offer a comprehensive range of 'sigma-profile' purlins and compatible accessories. Its new-style purlin is called ‘Viribeam’ and you can find it on Tekla.

The company has transitioned to the sigma-profile to deliver a quality, consistent and easy to specify product. Viribeam purlins are manufactured using steel coil and have a hot dipped galvanised Z275 coating.

Viribeam purlins are also available with a polyester coated finish, if desired, for extra corrosion protection. The new system has been developed through close collaboration, testing and analysis with leading industry figures to ensure that best practice building and design requirements are met.

Product features

  • Six depths available;
  • Suitable for majority of roof and wall claddings;
  • Symmetrical for use on both sides of pitched roofs;
  • Simple component fixings for maximum efficiency;
  • M12 bolts used for connections;
  • Lengths up to 16m;
  • Spanning systems are available in double span, single span, sleeved and single span butted;
  • Available in 1.5, 1.8, 2.0, 2.5mm gauge thickness

Material specification

  • Steel grade - S450GD BS EN 10346;
  • Minimum yield strength - 460MPa;
  • Corrosion protection – Hot-dip zinc coating;
  • Coating designation – Z275;
  • Coating mass – 275g/m2.

Its Viribeam purlins are manufactured on site in Athy, Co Kildare, and are made to order. Viribeam purlins, like the rest of our product range, have a guaranteed level of quality as they are covered by an EN Standard and carry appropriate CE Marking.

The company's factories operate to ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 45001 (Health & Safety) and ISO 14001 (Environment) standards and offer full traceability of all products and components.

The reintroduction of the Viribeam purlin as a sigma-profile offers a new, versatile and robust option in the market. Quality grade steel, lengths of up to 16m and suitability for almost all spanning systems are just three reasons why the Viribeam purlin is an ideal option to specify in your next project.

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