Trust is essential in any business and particularly for specifiers and contractors in the building and construction industry.

Trust in your supplier and the products they provide leads to confidence that delivers peace of mind and a level of security against any post-construction issues.

As an innovative solution provider for the building and infrastructure industry across multiple continents Wavin provides that trust and security time and time again.

Backed up by 65-plus years of expertise, Wavin is geared to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges around: water supply, sanitation, climate-resilient cities and building performance. Wavin is part of Orbia, a community of companies bound together by a shared purpose: to advance life around the world.

Michael O’Donohoe, Wavin commercial director Ireland & UK said: “At Wavin, we focus on creating positive change in the world. We engage and collaborate with city leaders, engineers, planners, and installers to help make cities future-proof and buildings comfortable and energy-efficient.   

“For example, take the Wavin soil and waste range, a comprehensive choice of systems and products available for managing wastewater. These ultra-efficient  BIM-supported systems can be specified and installed with total confidence to meet the requirements in public sector, modular, residential, commercial, healthcare and hospitality projects.

"When a soil system is required for an industrial and commercial project Wavin Soil and Waste provides a system that has been designed specifically for that environment.”  

Wavin Compact Soil

For multi-occupancy apartment developments, hotels, hospitals, offices, etc, where space is a premium the Wavin Compact Soil system is the ideal solution. Solvent weld and push-fit connection options, design flexibility, rotating bases and innovative ‘stop’ positions all add to the benefits,

Compact Soil 6 Boss Manifold.

Wavin Grey Soil

Wavin Grey PVC-U soil offers secure and durable push fit connections with a wide range of fittings to suit domestic and commercial applications including brackets, bends, branches, adaptors and access fittings

High Performance Pipes with Recycled Content

All 110mm and 160mm plain ended and single socketed PVC-U soil pipes are manufactured using Wavin’s award winning Recycore technology and contain at least 50% circular PVC. BS EN 1453-1 Kitemarked.


Wavin HDPE soil, waste and vent

A lightweight soil, waste and vent system Wavin HDPE offers exceptional temperature, vibration, impact and chemical resistance. Hermetic joints create a perfectly sealed system and can be formed by both electro-fusion or butt-welding.

Quick-fit coupling and expansion joint seals remain resistant to wastewater from household appliances, laboratories and hospitals, with guaranteed sealing and durability even in extreme conditions

Wavin AS+ Acoustic Soil

Wavin AS+, an ideal solution for tackling noise pollution in multi-occupancy developments, not only in apartments but also in hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, libraries and offices.

It is manufactured using mineral reinforced polypropylene material and is available in diameters 110mm,160mm and 200mm respectively. The low-noise/acoustic pipes and fittings have thicker walls and are made from dense materials which prevent noise from escaping.

Wavin can model the performance of a particular room using the 'Soundcheck' tool, which simulates and calculates the system acoustics of an installation based on different room parameters, such as wall construction, room dimensions, shaft type and choice of drainage system. 

The tool enables designers to test the effect of making changes to these different parameters on a designer’s target acoustic dB(A) rating for the room. Targets which significantly exceed the Building Regulations in Ireland and even DIN 4109, can be achieved, for instance by selecting Wavin AS+ amongst other measures.


Wavin HepVO

For more than 25 years, Wavin HepVO has successfully offered considerable benefits for the system designer. Thanks to evaporation, leaks, or movement, water traps can often lose their seal over time which can often lead to further headaches down the line for plumbers and installers.

Rather than relying on water to create a preventive seal to stop gases escaping into rooms, HepVO utilises a self-sealing elastomeric membrane.

Building Information Modelling

Wavin BIM supports and assists engineers and contractors in planning their projects, making life easier for professionals specifying plumbing and above ground drainage systems.

The Wavin BIM Revit content will unlock time and cost savings and deliver efficiencies at every stage of a project. The Wavin Revit families with integrated intelligent assistance have been created to help reach a complete 'as-built' pipe system in the fastest way possible, significantly reducing time spent on design.

In 2023, Wavin launched environmental product declarations (EPDs) for its suite of products sold in the Irish market.

Technical support

In thousands of projects across the built environment, Wavin has established a unique knowledge bank of practical expertise, regulatory awareness and technical insight, which makes its customer support an invaluable, risk-reduction resource. It has also translated this knowledge into a range of CPD training courses to complement its own expertise.

The Wavin technical team can assist with questions on system design, installation and product suitability, no matter what the application – either on site or remotely.

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