Academic society logoThe Academic society is a special interest group for engineers who lecture or conduct research in third-level institutions or graduate students who aspire to careers in academia.

Its mission is to promote the advancement of academic standards in engineering and facilitate and organise activities for key academic groups. It aims to develop and disseminate a body of knowledge for engineers working within the academic community which will also serve those engineering professionals with an interest in academic topics. Members can benefit from: Networking with colleagues Networking with industry experts Keeping up to date with the latest events, technical presentations and access to research and support material. Attending events, courses, site visits and customised seminars to advance their continuous professional development.

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Why CPD matters to me: TOBIN Consulting Engineers MD Ciaran McGovern

With regard to CPD, Ciaran McGovern says it's not just a case of 'change is the only constant in life', but that 'there are decades where nothing happens and there are weeks where decades happen'.

Exploration of authentic teaching, learning, and assessment practice in CPD in the built environment: Part 1 – teaching and learning panel

The aim of the seminar was to explore authentic and appropriate teaching, learning, and assessment practice in CPD through a multidisciplinary and international lens, and to identify opportunities for learning enhancement in the built environment.

What lies beneath: How game-theory logic underpins many of our seemingly odd and irrational decisions

In a new book, a research management scientist examines how game-theory logic underpins many of our seemingly odd and irrational decisions.

Study finds an unexpected upside to workplace impostor thoughts

Employees harbouring such thoughts often excel at teamwork, cooperation, and socialising.

Engineers use artificial intelligence to capture the complexity of breaking waves

Their model’s predictions should help researchers improve ocean climate simulations and hone the design of offshore structures.

How can we reduce the carbon footprint of global computing?

Workshop highlights how new approaches to computing can save energy and help the planet.


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