Academic society logoThe Academic society is a special interest group for engineers who lecture or conduct research in third-level institutions or graduate students who aspire to careers in academia.

Its mission is to promote the advancement of academic standards in engineering and facilitate and organise activities for key academic groups. It aims to develop and disseminate a body of knowledge for engineers working within the academic community which will also serve those engineering professionals with an interest in academic topics. Members can benefit from: Networking with colleagues Networking with industry experts Keeping up to date with the latest events, technical presentations and access to research and support material. Attending events, courses, site visits and customised seminars to advance their continuous professional development.

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Computing for ocean environments

Ocean and mechanical engineers are using advances in scientific computing to address the ocean’s many challenges, and seize its opportunities.

Giving bug-like bots a boost

A new fabrication technique produces low-voltage, power-dense artificial muscles that improve the performance of flying microrobots.

Engineers test an idea for a new hovering rover

A levitating vehicle might some day explore the moon, asteroids, and other airless planetary surfaces. 

Why CPD matters to me: Trevor McSharry, head of Department of Civil Engineering and Construction, IT Sligo

Head of the Department of Civil Engineering and Construction at IT Sligo, Trevor McSharry would have as his CPD motto, ‘The only constant is change and CPD and lifelong learning is a key enabler to change for everybody.’

N4 Collooney to Castlebaldwin case study: Linear wetland and grass surface water channels

The N4 Collooney to Castlebaldwin is a 14.7km highway project, developed to replace the existing substandard single carriageway. This case study focuses on the use of two drainage solutions adopted as part of the project that reduced the cost of construction and mitigated the impacts of the project on the environment.

Revealed: The world’s longest flexible fibre battery

The rechargeable battery can be woven and washed, and could provide power for fibre-based electronic devices and sensors.


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