Academic society logoThe Academic society is a special interest group for engineers who lecture or conduct research in third-level institutions or graduate students who aspire to careers in academia.

Its mission is to promote the advancement of academic standards in engineering and facilitate and organise activities for key academic groups. It aims to develop and disseminate a body of knowledge for engineers working within the academic community which will also serve those engineering professionals with an interest in academic topics. Members can benefit from: Networking with colleagues Networking with industry experts Keeping up to date with the latest events, technical presentations and access to research and support material. Attending events, courses, site visits and customised seminars to advance their continuous professional development.


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Low-cost batteries – aluminium-sulphur model could provide low-cost backup storage for renewable energy sources

Made from inexpensive, abundant materials, an aluminium-sulphur battery could provide low-cost backup storage for renewable energy sources.

Removing carbon from the environment: Startup Verdox focuses on moving the needle on climate change

Founded by MIT chemical engineers and winner of an XPRIZE Carbon Removal milestone award, Verdox says 'it shows that the path we’ve chosen is the right one'.

No need for power: How passive cooling could preserve food crops and supplement conventional air conditioners in buildings

Relying on evaporation and radiation – but not electricity – the system could keep food fresh longer or supplement air conditioning in buildings.

Engineers build a battery-free, wireless underwater camera

The device could help scientists explore unknown regions of the ocean, track pollution, or monitor the effects of climate change.

Hurricane-resistant construction may be undervalued by billions of euro every year

Failing to consider neighbourhood texture in hurricane-related wind loss models may undervalue stronger construction by more than 80%.

Designers come up with fresh approach to making porous materials called zeolites

Researchers are controlling pore openings for maximum molecule capture.


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