The Biomedical engineering division is a group for Engineers Ireland members working in the MedTech sector. It provides opportunities for networking and knowledge-sharing in this fascinating, diverse and life-changing division of engineering.

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'Smart' biomaterials and next-generation medical devices

Dr Manus Biggs’ current research is focused on applying nanofabrication techniques to novel classes of electrically active and responsive ‘smart’ materials. Electricity is ubiquitous in living things. In humans, it provides the basis for thoughts, senses, movement, cardiac activity and evidence is growing that it may also play a crucial role in the functioning of our musculoskeletal system. Consequently, electrically active and responsive or ‘smart’ biomaterials offer significant ...

Irish engineer’s endoscopic device improves outcomes for liver patients

Engineers can save lives. We don’t think about that a lot of the time. Young people going into medicine for example, do so in the hope that they will be able to help people, to save lives. Do budding engineers think along similar lines? They should if the career of Jimmy Eaton-Evans is anything to go by. Currently developing a simpler, less risky way to cauterise gastro-oesophageal varices, Eaton-Evans has a track record of invention in healthcare. He has been working for multinational ...

New bio-glass could make it possible to re-grow or replace cartilage

Scientists have developed a material that can mimic cartilage and potentially encourage it to re-grow. Cartilage is flexible connective tissue found in places such as in joints and between vertebrae in the spine. Compared to other types of connective tissue is not easy to repair. The researchers from Imperial College London and the University of Milano-Bicocca have developed a bio-glass material that mimics the shock-absorbing and load bearing qualities of real cartilage. It can be ...

Horizon on EU Falsified Medicine Directive implications

The deadline for serialisation completion has been confirmed as February 2019. What are the major implications for the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland? Firstly, it’s very welcome that a clear and definite directive has been published. Companies can now take action confident that the goalposts will not move again over the next three years. My advice to companies would be to execute plans now, drive the necessary change required and adopt the mandatory process changes. Big pharma - the ...

Overcoming the obstacles associated with oral delivery of peptides

  Authors: Joanne Heade, David Brayden, UCD School of Veterinary Medicine and UCD Conway Institute; Sinéad Bleiel, AnaBio Technologies Ltd Peptides are an interesting drug class with huge therapeutic potential. Some of the more well-known commercially successful peptides on the market include: hormones (calcitonin), growth hormone inhibitors (octreotide), and anti-diabetics (insulin and GLP1- agonists). Peptides such as these possess high potency and are inherently very selective, ...

Flipping the switch to better see cancer cells at depths

Using a high-tech imaging method, a team of biomedical engineers at the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Washington University in St. Louis was able to see early-developing cancer cells deeper in tissue than ever before with the help of a novel protein from a bacterium. Lihong Wang, PhD, the Gene K. Beare Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the School of Engineering; Junjie Yao, PhD, a postdoctoral researcher in Wang's lab, and a team of engineers found that ...

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