This week’s Sector Spotlight focuses on events by the Structures and Construction division, Civil division, and Mechanical and Manufacturing division

Almonte Viaduct


This webinar by the Structures and Construction division highlighted the technical characteristics of the Viaduct over River Almonte. The Viaduct over River Almonte is a unique structure included in the new high-speed rail line heading from Madrid to Lisbon.

This infrastructure, crosses over River Almonte, in Cáceres, Spain, through a large superior deck concrete arch bridge, spanning 384m, extremely remarkable for a 350km/h HSR viaduct.

The project faced very rigorous dynamic, serviceability and safety criteria, involving complex material and geometrical nonlinear staged calculations.

Nevertheless, it is not a heavily rigid bridge, due to the search of aerodynamic slenderness through key design decisions: four-legged arch configuration, 80MP a high-performance concrete, strictly cantilevered erection method with temporary tower and stays, innovative monitoring system, and other advanced analysis and construction features leading to the most likely efficient-structure.

Arenas & Asociados, in JV with IDOM, carried out several missions in this project: preliminary design, detailed design and construction project and, during construction, advanced studies and engineering services to project manager ADIF. The webinar presenter was Guillermo Capellán, technical director, Arenas & Asociados.

National Water Resources Plan - Draft Framework Plan


This webinar on the National Water Resources Plan (NWRP) was held by the Civil division. Irish Water is currently developing its first NWRP, the 25-year strategic plan for our water supplies that will allow Irish Water to move towards a safe, secure, reliable and sustainable drinking water supply for all our customers, whilst safeguarding the natural environment.

The preparation of the NWRP provides an opportunity to plan for delivery of water services at a national level. It allows Irish Water review all supplies in a consistent manner and to develop a clear approach to resolve issues identified.

This in turn will allow Irish Water prioritise investment in water services over the short, medium and long term. This presentation by Mairéad Conlon (Asset Planning Section, Irish Water) provided an overview of the NWRP Framework Plan, keys concepts of water resource planning and an outline of the roll out of the NWRP.

The Future of Hydrogen and Electric Transportation

With transport accounting for 37% of energy-related CO2 emissions in Ireland, and with heavy duty vehicles responsible for around 25% of road transport emissions (including PM and NOx), it is clear that zero tailpipe emissions is better for the environment and human health.

This presentation by Dr James Carton (DCU) discussed the global roll-out of zero tailpipe emissions vehicles and their inevitable expanding roll-out and scale up in Ireland, where we aim to achieve >50% total emissions reductions in the next decade. The webinar was hosted by the Mechanical and Manufacturing division.


National Recovery Initiative

Recordings from the Sustainability Grand Tour (here) and the Brexit Lecture Series (here) can be found on dedicated webpages, including summaries of each event.

Thank you, volunteers!

As part of National Volunteering Week 2021, Engineers Ireland is recognising and celebrating the volunteering efforts of our members and their positive contribution to Ireland’s engineering community.

This includes the pivotal role of volunteers in our Regional branches, Engineering divisions and Societies. This week, we are profiling a selection of our volunteers, including Ronan Keane and the Cork region committee (read more here). If you would like to volunteer with one of our sectors, why not attend one of the upcoming AGMs, see below.

Sector events

Thursday, May 20

7pm: AGM of the Fire and Safety division, register here

7pm: AGM of the GB region, register here

Tuesday, May 25

7.30pm: AGM of the Young Engineers Society, register here

Wednesday, May 26

8am: ‘Project Risk Management – Case Study: Ervia Major Projects and Irish Water Asset Delivery’ by the Project Management society, register here

Thursday, May 27

5.30pm: AGM of the Electrical and Electronic division, register here

7pm: AGM of the Local Government division, register here

Tuesday, June 1

5.30pm: AGM of the Structures and Construction division, register here

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