This week’s Sector Spotlight focuses on events by the Cork region, An Ríocht, Mechanical and Manufacturing division, MEETA Asset Management society, Civil division and the South East region.

Design and Construction of Bohill River Bridge (N22 road project)

The Cork and An Ríocht regions of Engineers Ireland, in association with Cork County Council's CPD Committee, hosted this lecture on the Design & Construction of the Bohill River Bridge as part of the N22 Baile Bhuirne to Macroom Road Development. The Jons - John Craddock JV kindly provided speakers including John Killen (Contractor's Representative), Brian Cournane (Section Manager) and Martin Bosak (Lead Designer) with Barry Transport.

Efficient Pump Design, System and Technologies

Pumps are ubiquitous. Every sub-specialty of engineering interacts with pumps, from microscopic pumps, built by bio-medical engineers from bacteria, through to pumps that civil engineers use to pump concrete up hundreds of meters into the cores of skyscrapers. Every facet of human existence is dependent on pumps, the unsung heroes of engineering. Rodelta have been producing pumps for 75 years; their engineers will present on pump design, manufacturing/construction, hydraulics including cavitation and NPSH and the research and development of pump technologies including the development of the fish-friendly standard for pumps. 

Hosted by the Mechanical and Manufacturing division, Rodelta’s speakers included: Dr Lars Krakers - Hydraulic & Design Engineer, Ronald Dijkers - Team leader Hydraulics and Design, Edwin Machielsen - Design and Marketing Engineer, Bart Essink - Head of Sales. The team shared their experience and know-how in the development and selection of pumps, the writing of the world’s only Fish-Friendly pump standard, pump hydraulic design and development work and pump construction. 

Elastomer Asset Management - Soft Parts Reliability for cGMP Compliant Manufacturing

Elastomers (often called soft parts) are widely considered the number one root-cause of contamination issues and bioburden events in cGMP regulated manufacturing facilities. Surveys have shown that elastomers account for approximately 50% of all planned maintenance activities, drive 20% of all equipment related deviations and account for 10% of all corrective maintenance actions. These issues are predominantly driven through incorrect installation practices, material mismanagement, insufficient testing, improper material selections, and inadequate regulatory control and oversight.

This presentation, hosted by the MEETA Asset Management society, explored these issues giving attendees practical knowledge and guidance on appropriate asset management techniques to avoid and overcome these problems, helping to guarantee system and product integrity. The speaker, Darren McDonnell, is co-founder and Engineering Director of SCRI-IS Technologies Ltd, an independent materials reliability engineering group who support manufacturers in maintaining cGMP compliance. 

Water Management as a Land Use Issue - applying the Integrated Constructed Wetland concept

Water, the substance of life, its supply and quality are central to individual and community welfare. Integrated Constructed Wetlands (ICW) offer potential solutions to a wide range of water management issues. Hosted by the Civil division, speaker Dr Rory Harrington, Senior Scientist with VESI Environmental Ltd, examined practical applications of the ICW concept to municipal wastewater, industrial effluents and agricultural runoff.

The presentation also provided examples from Ireland and other countries, as to how helophyte communities may be established and configured through the establishment of ‘Integrated Constructed Wetlands’. These examples will include their use in the sustained treatment of municipal sewage - ranging from that needed for a single house septic tank to a large conurbation exceeding 1,000 inhabitants, industrial and farmyard effluents (e.g., mining, food production, landfills and farmyard runoff), quarry drainage, and for recreational use.

Housing Delivery Coordination Office - Assisting in Delivering Social & Affordable Housing

In this webinar by the South East region, Eddie Taaffe, Programme Co-ordinator with the Housing Delivery Co-ordination Office at the LGMA, gave an outline of the role and remit of the recently established Housing Delivery Co-ordination Office in the delivery of social and affordable housing by Local Authorities in Ireland. The presentation gave details on new and upcoming developments in planning and delivery of social and affordable housing in accordance with the objectives in the Programme for Government.

This webinar formed part of the Engineers Ireland South East Region Webinar Series 2020/21.Having commenced in September 2020, the webinar series has showcased engineering projects, innovations and initiatives for the improvement of society and economy in the South East Region and beyond. The webinars are a CPD series, which aim to promote the positive impact Engineers in the region have on our everyday lives across a range of engineering disciplines and areas of expertise. From innovation, online working, key infrastructure developments, STEM, medical devices, carbon reduction, sustainable and active transport, this series presents high quality content of guaranteed interest to all engineers.

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