An introduction to the development of a cold rolled purlin secondary steel system with consideration of the role of physical testing

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Organisation profile

Duggan Profiles and Steel Service Centre Ltd is the steel sheet profiling division of the Duggan Steel Group.  D. P. S. S. C. provide a complete range of purlins, flat roof decking profiles, roof and wall profiles togther with a complete range of accessories for these products. D.P.S.S.C.has for 15 years manufactured profile steel sheets and roofing accessories designed to suit the requirements of the agricultural and industrial building.

Training aim

This CPD gives an introduction and understanding of cold rolled secondary steel systems to engineering technicians, junior engineers and students.

Learning objectives

To develop an understanding  of secondary steel cold rolled purlin systems. To give an overview of how a secondary steel system is derived. To show that accessories have an important role to play in the overall efficiency of the system.

Course outline

In 2010 Duggan Profiles launched their ProSigma+ purlin and rail system after an 18 month program of development and test programme. This CPD  gives an overview of the work done with consideration towards the combined role of physical testing and theoretical methods in achieving maximum section design and performance

Trainer's profile

Cathal Ware is the Industrial Products Sales Manafer for D.P.S.S.C.

Cathal has accumulated 30 years experience in the fabrication, roofing and roll-forming industry. Cathal has been involved in the development of all the industrial roofing products  for the Duggan Steel Group since 1998. Cathal was Project manager for the introduction of D.P.S.S.C's new Purlin Range, ProSigma + which is a key element of the CPD.

Course duration

45 - 60 minutes.

Assessment & certification

The course counts towards CPD hours and each participant on completion will be  forwarded a certificate of completion.

Who should attend

Engineering Technicians
Junior Engineers
Engineering Students

Any individuals with an interest in Cold Rolled Steel Systems