Championing Leadership: Local Authority Climate Action Training Programme

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Organisation profile

This course has been developed by researchers at Limerick Institute of Technology in collaboration with the Climate Action Regional Offices (CARO), City & County Management Association (CCMA), Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) and the Local Authority Services National Training Group (LASNTG)

Training aim

Focuses on how the participants, who are already considered leaders in their communities, can address the issue of climate action and deliver change at a person, organisational and community level

Learning objectives

At the end of the programme participants will know

•The importance of responding to climate change both in terms of mitigation and adaptation

•The commitments which Ireland, as a nation has made to climate action and the international obligations which it has undertaken

•The commitments which have been undertaken by the Local Authorities with regard to climate action

•The mechanisms through which communities can be engaged with and assisted in engaging in climate action

And much more

Course outline

Prepartory Phase

Purpose: Commence the process of reflection for participants - provide training team with some insight into the attitudes of the participants prior to the workshop

Workshop phase

4 Modules:

Climate Change: The Physical Science Basis

International, National Climate Regulatory and Policy Context and role of local government sector

Championing the Leadership Role

Connecting with Local Communities

Post Workshop

Purpose: To consolidate understanding & commitments & team evaluation

Trainer's profile

Mr. Seamus Hoyne, Development and Public Engagement Manager, LIT, with Masters in Renewable Energy and Energy Management from UL and University of Ulster

Dr. Darren Barry, Senior Project Assistant - Development Unit, LIT

Mr Ciaran Lynch, Managing Director Community Engagement Partners and Formerly Development Manager, LIT

Dr. Bridget Kirwan, degrees in Public Administration, Management Science; Masters in Education & Training; Doctorate in Social Science

Siona Daly - CEO (Acting) TEA

Course duration

Contact Hours - 3.5 Hours. Self-learning - up to 4 Hours

Assessment & certification

A short online questionnaire to assess attitudes and level of knowledge and compare with pre-workshop situation.

Who should attend

Local Authority Senior Management (Chief Executives, Directors of Services, Senior Executive Officers, Senior Engineers / Planners and Equivalent) & Elected Members


Please contact the Local Authority Services National Training Group on 076 106 6260 or or