Commercial Grease Separation

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Organisation profile

For 30 Years, IPS Flow Systems has been the U.K.'s leading supplier of industrial plastic piping systems, with a depot in Dublin since 2015. Our range includes Waste Water Management products, with innovative Grease/Oil Separation Systems, Pump Stations, and Backwater prevention devices, plus CPV Fire Sprinkler systems, plastic sheet and rods, installation tools and fixings. All with an unrivalled level of service in our industry, and backed by a quality system accredited to ISO 9001 - 2015.

Training aim

To establish an awareness of the legal standards, and an understanding of FOGS, and the damage it causes. Delivering an over view of separator principles, types, construction and design.

Learning objectives

Understand the relevance of the I.S. EN 1825, and to develop an overview of the different types of separators, construction materials and operational principles. Through an introduction to passive grease separators (free standing /underground), develop an awareness of the models available, and the processes used to decide on the correct system, and the appropriate additional components. Understand to importance of correctly sizing a grease separator, and the various methods using I.S. EN 1825.

Course outline

• Fats Oils and Greases, the problems they cause.

• The existing legislation in Ireland relating to sizing and grease disposal.

• The requirement for compliance with government directives, and building regulations.

• European Design Standard I.S. EN 1825.

• Separator types, material, and processes, for consideration when specifying.

• A focus on polyethylene passive systems.

• Examine the need for accurate sizing through I.S. EN 1825, and an over view of the three method of calculation.

Trainer's profile

Dave Whalley (BEd – D&T) - KESSEL National Product Manager at IPS Flow Systems Ltd.

Twenty-Two years of Construction Industry experience, as a Design Engineer, Bid Manager, Specification Sales, and Product Management, covering Storm Water and Waste Water management, Residential or Commercial drainage, with the last ten years specialising in KESSEL AG Grease/Oil Separation Systems, Internal Flood Protection Systems, and Package Pumping Stations, for the UK and Ireland.

Course duration

1 Hour

Assessment & certification

IPS/KESSEL Certificate of Attendance

Who should attend

Water Company Engineers


Public Heath Engineers

Building Services & Drainage Consultants.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineers.

Design & Build Contractors