ESEER & Aermec NRP Multifunctional Units

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Organisation profile

European Industrial Chillers Ltd (EICL) with offices in the Ireland and the UK are a leading specialist supplier of Water & DX Chillers for Process Cooling and Air Conditioning applications. EICL can provide full design from concept and load calculations through to the installation and after sales service.

With over 20 years in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, the management of EICL are proud of their reputation for applications understanding. With experience comes the appreciation for the necessity to select suitable equipment, using a number of considerations, to suit each individual application.

Training aim

To explain the calculation method for EER, ESEER & IPLV. To highlight how additional efficiencies can be achieved with combined heating and cooling units.

Learning objectives

To understand that EER, ESEER and IPLV can provide very different results and that the relevant method of energy efficiency should be considered for each individual project, based upon load characteristics. It is also explained that the type of refrigerant used in the manufacture of chillers has a direct impact on the efficiency of the chiller and examples are provided.

Multifunctional Units such as the NRP can be used to further improve efficiency and even provide free heating / cooling when there is a demand for both, but heating costs can also be dramatically reduced even when there is no load for cooling.

Course outline

See above.

Trainer's profile

Michele Gioachin – Aermec Air Conditioning (presented by Peter McMahon – EICL)

Course duration

1 Hour.

Assessment & certification

1 hour CPD.

Who should attend

Mechanical Consulting Engineers