Evaluating Measurement Uncertainty - Level 1 (CT002)


Organisation profile

National Metrology Laboratory (NML), a division of NSAI is the national metrology institute for Ireland and is responsible for establishing, maintaining and developing the national measurement standards for physical quantities and their dissemination to Irish users. In addition to maintaining the national measurement standards NML provides a calibration service in a range of areas and also delivers training in measurement-related activities.

Training aim

The objective of the course is to familiarise participants with the concepts and methods contained in the document JCGM100:2008 "Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement"

Learning objectives

- Understand the concept of measurement uncertainty
- Understand the impact  of measurement uncertainty on decision making
- Identify error sources in a measurement process 
- Create a measurement model 
- Work with probability distribution functions and summary statistics 
- Understand and apply the Law of Propagation of Uncertainty

- Construct an uncertainty budget in the form of a spreadsheet

Course outline

• The importance of measurement uncertainty • Understanding and modelling the measurement process • Statistical tools for uncertainty evaluation • Identifying and assessing measurement input quantities • Using MS Excel© to formulate an uncertainty budget • Reporting the measurement uncertainty • Worked examples and exercises on uncertainty evaluation

Trainer's profile

- Technical manager in NSAI National Metrology Laboratory
- PhD in Experimental Physics
- More than 30 years experience in field of precision measurement and calibration

- Co-author of EA-4/02 "Evaluation of Measurement Uncertainty in Calibration"

Course duration

9.30am - 4.30pm approx

Assessment & certification

Certificate of Training

Who should attend

The CT002 training course is intended for those need to evaluate the measurement uncertainties for the results of calibrations or physical tests on a day-to-day basis.