Introduction to Heat Pumps

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Organisation profile

Glen Dimplex Ireland is a leading provider and manufacturer of renewables in Ireland. Glen Dimplex Ireland have invested heavily in Ireland in renewables R&D and manufacturing facilities. We also know the importance of having highly trained and skilled engineers designing energy systems with these emerging technologies incorporated into them. We also provide full technical support avoiding the problems that have plagued some renewable installations to date.

Training aim

To give all participants an understanding of the benefits of Heat Pumps and how they can be of benefit in meeting low carbon and energy reduction targets.

Learning objectives

By the end of this presentation participants will have an understanding of:
The need for renewable energy and the legislation driving adoption
History of the Heat pump
The key principles of heat pump technology

The features and benefits of Heat pumps

Course outline

The course covers the historical developments in the underlying theory behind heat pump operation and design. Then some of the economic, legislative and political drivers for the adoption of low carbon technologies. Following on from that we describe the operation of air and ground source heat pumps including reversible models. We offer guidance on installation best practice and system design. Finally we show some real life solutions and practical applications for the technology.

Trainer's profile

Our training providers are all full members of Engineers Ireland, all having backgrounds in renewable energy, building design and construction.

Course duration

1 hour: 45-50 minute lecture; 10-15 minutes Q&A

Assessment & certification

CPD Hours

Who should attend

Engineering consultants to the construction industry
Passive housing design consultants

Those working on the design of heating systems