Introduction to Windfarm High Voltage Electrical Installations

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HV Power Systems Engineering and Management Consultants

Kilbride Power provides High Voltage Power Systems Design, Grid Connection advice, Owners Engineering, Contract Management, PRINCE2 Project Management and Guidance on the Management of High Voltage Systems in accordance with EN 50110 to international Clients in Ireland, UK, France, Norway and Sweden.

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Training aim

To understand;

- HV  Systems on Windfarms

- Main components

- Terminology

- Single Line Diagrams

- Operation and Maintenance

- Risks and Hazards

Learning objectives

To understand;

- How components are connected together

- The function of the components of a typical HV system

- Principles of operation

- Hazards and Risks associated with HV installations

- Purpose of control, metering and protections systems

- Importance of documentation

- Best practice for procurement & take-over of HV installations

- Safety documents associated with safe systems of work

- Importance of maintenance, inspections & audits

- Planning HV work

- Importance of HV Rules

Course outline

The course is set out in 9 modules as follows;

HV System – Layout and Boundaries

HV Equipment & Parts of the System

Grid Transformer – Components and Protection

Single Line Diagram – Information & Importance

Work on the HV System and using the SLD.

High Voltage Maintenance

Technical Due Diligence for take over and procurement

Certification of HV Installations

Management of HV Systems

Trainer's profile

Padraig Plunkett is a Chartered Electrical Engineer with 35 years international experience in;

Design, Manufacture & Commissioning of Power Transformers

Employer’s Engineering for TSO/DNO Utilities

HV Design & Build Contracting.

Mick O'Grady is an ESBNetworks Senior Authorised Person with 35 years experience as;

HV Maintenance & Installation technician

Protection Specialist

10/20kV Network Manager/Controller

Safety Services Manager

H&S Manager Major Generation Projects.

Course duration

4 Hours

Assessment & certification

CPD Hours

Who should attend

Asset Owners / Managers and others involved in O&M of HV installations

Engineers, Technicians, Safety professionals and other graduates who wish to develop an understanding of HV installations.