Knowledge Management best practice for Industry and SMEs

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Organisation profile

Socrates Workforce Solutions is an Industry Leader in the design and delivery of skills training and development in Ireland. We are unique in being able to provide training that covers the Four Quadrants of Cognitive Skills, Technology Skills, Organisation Development and Workforce Capability.

Our principals have extensive Industry experience and have taught at Universities to Degree and Masters Levels.

Training aim

This Course is to inform and educate the participant on how to apply Knowledge Management best practice in Manufacturing and Service Industries.

Learning objectives

At the end of this course participants will have a clear understanding of :
Data, Information, Skills, Knowledge concepts and differances
Knowledge Management frameworks and their integration in an organisation
Learning styles and their importance
They will also :
Apply Knowledge Capture tools
Build and apply Mental Models
Learn about supports required to enable Knowledge Conversion
Learn how to overcome Knowledge Sharing barriers

Understand the role Knowledge has in a Learning Organisation

Course outline

The primary purpose of the Course is to inform and educate participants on applying Knowledge Management best practice in Manufacturing and Service Organisations. The course is structured so that it takes participants logically through the steps required to structure and enable Knowledge Management in organisations.
It covers knowledge theory, systems, frameworks , libraries, capture and transfer tools.

Participants will be provided with real tools, case studies and opportunities to practice.

Trainer's profile

Paul is a leading expert in Knowledge Management systems, applications and tools. He has led KM projects both in Ireland and overseas. He recently worked as the KM lead at Intel.
He has worked as an Engineering Manager, Engineer and Instructor for Academic, Industry and Military organizations in Ireland, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Australia, China and France and has 36 years relevant experience.

He holds an MSc in Applied Physics.

Course duration

Seven contact hours (8 hour day)

Assessment & certification

CPD Hours

Who should attend

This program is intended for Engineers, Managers and individuals working in a variety of Industries and sectors including Manufacturing, Pharma, Medical, Food, Engineering, Finance, and Services.