LED Applications and Technologies

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Organisation profile

Glamox is a Norwegian industrial concern and one of the top ten lighting manufacturers in Europe.The Glamox group is divided into two entities, Global Marine & Offshore (GMO) and European Professional Lighting (EPL). Glamox aims to be a solutions orientated supplier of lighting recognised by their customer orientation, protection of the environment, high quality, good service and precision as a supplier.

Training aim

To educate specifiers on the latest generation of LED lighting products.

To cover facts and myths relating to LED products in market place.

Learning objectives

Specific learning objectives would be to make designers/specifiers/end users aware of LED useful life, lumen depreciation, design criteria and to incorporate them into their designs.

Make specifiers aware Of the Zhaga consortium on the standardisation of LED light engines, lumen output, size etc.

Course outline

Background, manufacture and development of LED lighting.
Design criteria, lifetime & lumen depreciation
Myths and facts about LED

Zhaga standardisation of LED systems

Trainer's profile

The trainer for this Barry Kelly. Barry has over 20 years experience in the lighting industry and has worked on some of the largest projects in the country. His experience covers lighting design in commercial,education, industry, medical and retail sectors and has extensive experience in DALI lighting control and energy management.

Course duration

1.5 - 2 hours

Assessment & certification

Certification will be presented on the day of completion of course.

Who should attend

All specifiers, designers involved in lighting design and end users interested in energy/maintenance benefits.