Leading the rEVolution - An introduction to Commercial Electric Car Charging and Payment processing

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Organisation profile

Rexel Energy Solutions is part of Rexel Ireland, we operate via our electrical wholesale branches, Kellihers Electrical and CT Electric. Rexel have been supplying Solar PV across Europe since 2004.
We design, specify and stock a full range of Solar Photvoltaic (PV) panels, inverters, mounting equipment and accessories. We also specialise in energy efficiency products, home automation, electric vehicle charging and efficient electric heating.

Training aim

To inform the electrical and consultant base of the various options open to companies and individuals in relation to setting up and operating a commercial electric car charging network.

Learning objectives

The course looks at the landscape of electric car charging in Ireland, the terminology associated with the industry and the products available. The course explains the technical aspects to both AC and DC charging and explains the advantages of using Smart Charging appliances to build out the network with a view to network management and possibly monitising the network in the future. The session finishes off with an overview of Payment Processing and charging (€) options. 

Course outline

-             Electric Cars – The local Landscape
-             What is an EV
-             The drivers of change toward EV
-             Battery capacity and charge times
-             Smart/dynamic load management
-             EV Charging basics
               o            AC
               o            DC
-             How it works
-             Software and smart functionality
-             Common questions and misconceptions

-             Payment processing      

Trainer's profile

Involved in the IT industry in different guises for the past 20 years, Michael O'Neill is continually looking at the next stage of product evolution. Michael heads up the east coast data communications department of Kellihers Electrical and renewable sales in Rexel.

Course duration

1 hour

Assessment & certification

CPD Hours

Who should attend

The course is aimed at specifiers, electrical engineers and installers