Manual and Automatic Gate Safety

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Organisation profile

Electro an are integration specialist, working in the areas of Security, Intelligent Transport Systems, Car Parking and Industrial Automation. Founded in 1984 the company has continually expanded into one of Ireland's leading integration companies while keeping its core belief's of quality equipment and exceptional customer service.   

Training aim

The aim is to educate all participants on the necessary documentation that needs to go along with a gate system, to inform them of all the directives and standards that need to be adhered too. 

Learning objectives

To fully understand the necessary safety gear associated with both manual and powered gates.
To be aware of all the standards and directives that need to be met for a compliant gate system.

To understand the forces, weights and external factors that can effect the structural stability of the gate. 

Course outline

This presentation goes into detail about the various regulations and directives involved in the design or installation of a manual or powered gate. It also focuses on the various safety features necessary to ensure the gate is approved for purpose in the EU.  Finally the presentation involves in depth discussion on how to implement safety edges and the various weights and forces that a gate can safely withstand safely without affecting the automation and speed.

Trainer's profile

With 25 years experience in automation and electrical engineering our trainer has been at the forefront of the gate automation industry for over two decades.

Course duration

1.5 hours

Assessment & certification

CPD Hours

Who should attend

Engineers and Consultants who are involved in the specification, installation and design of commercial properties that involve any areas where gates are necessary