Process Functional Safety - Safety Instrumented Systems

Brightview Technology 285

Organisation profile

This company was established in 1989 and has been operating since in the areas of control systems, instrumentation systems, process safety systems, data logging, research, design, consulting and training.


Pádraig F. Ó’Murchú. CEng FIEI, MInstMC, FSEng(TÜV), RFSE.

Niamh Murphy. BSc[Chem].

Training aim

Is to train the relevant staff to a competent level to design and implement Safety Instrumented Functions to the correct Safety Integrity Level that will ensure adequate protection as per iec61511.

Learning objectives

Functional Safety is essentially a subset of Process Safety:

When hazardous conditions prevail the correct operation of the Safety Instrumentation System should be to automatically bring the process to a safe state when prescribed limits have been breached by preventing the hazardous event from occurring or at least mitigate the effect of the event should it occur. This course takes the attendees through the underlying theory to support the practice with numerous worked examples. 

Course outline

  • Introduction to iec61508 & iec61511
  • The reliability and failure rates of devices and equipment
  • Integrating the Safety System into the plant hardware
  • Input & output safety device types and configurations 1oo1, 2oo2 and 2oo3 etc
  • Low demand mode circuit design
  • Continuous demand mode circuit design
  • Diagnostics and Partial Stroke Testing
  • Subsystems with diverse devices
  • Spurious Trip Rate, Systematic Failure Capability, Route 1H & 2H
  • Verification, Validation & Site Safety Index
  • Practical Case Studies

Trainer's profile

Padraig0'Murchu is an electrical/control engineer with over 40 years experience. His experience began at the ESB where he spent five years. He then served as an electrical engineering officer with Irish Shipping for three years. He then pursued a lecturing position with CIT Cork where he lectured in Control and Automation for thirty two years. He is with Brightview Technology for the past ten years specialising in Process Functional Safety [Safety Instrumented Systems].

Course duration

Module 1 is 6.5 hrs, Module 2 is 6.5 hrs, Module 3 is 6.5hrs.

Assessment & certification

At the end of each module an assessment is given to each attendee to complete within two weeks and then return by post to Padraig O'Murchu.

Who should attend

Process operators, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, instrumentation engineers, E&I technicians, senior electricians, instrumentation maintenance personnel.