Pumps & Sustainable Pumping Systems

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Organisation profile

ILDÁNA  provides an array of mainly technical / engineering training courses and consultancy services to the public and private sectors throughout the island of Ireland. 

The various members of the ILDÁNA team are recognised as subject-matter-experts in their respective fields. ILDANÁ's trainers have years of practical experience and ensure that each course is up-to-date technically, well managed and consistently well-presented with clearly identified aims and learning opportunities.

Training aim

This course will give the participants a sound understanding of how pumps work, a systematic approach to pump selection, to be aware of problems and improve the operation of the pumping system.

Learning objectives

While the mechanical engineer may be the primary pump owner, this course will also be of interest to the control systems and electrical engineers as they are often called to sort out pump trip outs and other failures. The course will also cover pump house and foundation requirements as well as optimum piping arrangement.

Course outline

Safety and Competence;
Fluids Newtonian/Non-Newtonian;
Concept of Pressure;
Energy & Pump Head;
Bernoulli’s Equation;
Making Optimum Pump selection;
Reliability Classifications

Types of Centrifugal and PD pumps;
Efficiency – Hydraulic, Mechanical & Volumetric;
Lubrication and Flushing Water;
Laminar & Turbulent Flow;
Reynolds number;
Affinity Laws; Reading Pump Curves;
Cavitation and Vapour Pressure;
NPSH Calculations;
Sizing Pipeline for best efficiency;

Pipe supports

Trainer's profile

Martin McCarthy BE M.Sc. FIEI, Trainer with ILDANA TRAINING & CONSULTANCY,  has been training designers, operators and maintenance staff on pumps and pump systems in Ireland, UK and USA.  He is a subject matter expect and has worked with many firms to successfully troubleshoot difficult pumping problems.  He was managing director of CH2M HILL Ireland – one of world’s most successful engineering firms.

Course duration

2 days

Assessment & certification

Certificate of Achievement plus 2 Days CPD

Who should attend

Engineers and technicians who have significant power being used in pumping in the water/waste, chemical, pharmaceutical, food/beverage industries and pump suppliers.