Saniflo Macerators - Pumping Waste Water Where Gravity Is An Issue

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Organisation profile

Sanirish is an Irish Subsidiary of Saniflo SFA Group. We manufacture Saniflo products in France in distribute our products in Ireland. Saniflo''s responsibilities also include training, educating and providing after sales support

Training aim

To inform the Engineer how a macerator works and the various applications which Saniflo macerators maybe used for.  Also, the relevant building regulations.

Learning objectives

How a macerator works - macerator applications and the ability to overcome waste water problems.

Course outline

The presentation begins with the history of the Macerator comparing with the conventional sewer plumbing systems, this highlights the benefits of the macerator in areas which are unsuitable for conventional gravity drainage. Then we look at mechanics and workings of a macerator. this area covers both domestic and commercial as both systems operate on a similar principle. We look at various applications and finally the building regulations.

Trainer's profile

Robin Jackman Studied Marketing at the Marketing Institute of Ireland. Began a career in Sales with Black and Decker - DeWalt in 1990 supplying to the construction industry. Employed with Saniflo in 2001, developing the distribution in Ireland since. Completed various product training courses internally over the years.

Course duration

One hour.

Assessment & certification

Attendance certificate

Who should attend

People dealing with drainage. People involved with existing buildings which will have a change of use.