Specification & Design of Heating Systems with Heat Pumps

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Organisation profile

Tipperary Energy Agency has been successfully supporting Tipperary to reduce its energy demand for 20 years. The agency has a proven ability in enabling people, communities and the public sector to become more sustainable in their energy use. We have vast experience in the areas of Community Energy, Renewable Energy, Energy Management and Energy in Buildings. We have led major housing retrofit schemes, pioneering community wind farm developments and numerous successful biomass projects.

Training aim

To enhance the knowledge base of the engineering sector in Ireland with respect to heat pumps in homes and commercial buildings.

Learning objectives

Develop a knowledge of a trajectory of heating systems in Ireland. Understand how and what type of heat pump to specify. Understand the difference’s required of sizing heat pumps versus fossil fuel systems. Understand limitations and advantages of electrical installations. How to maximise the performance of the installation.

Course outline

The Course will cover a number of topics relating to specification and design of heating systems with heat pumps in Ireland. 1. Rationale and carbon pricing for heat pumps in Ireland 2. Heat pump types and applications 3. Optimising the design of heat pumps in Ireland 4. Commissioning for long service life and high efficiency 5. Research findings from the Superhomes 2.0 Research project. 6. Tour of two buildings (home and school) with retrofitted heat pumps.

Trainer's profile

Paul Kenny is the CEO of Tipperary Energy Agency. He is involved with both renewable energy & energy efficiency projects. Paul’s key technical competencies are in the areas of wind, biomass & solar energy development, energy efficiency in domestic & commercial buildings and energy efficiency in the water industry.

Course duration

1 day

Assessment & certification

CPD Hours

Who should attend

Engineers working on homes and buildings in Ireland