Thermal Energy Storage Solutions Using Phase Change Materials

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Organisation profile

Crystal Air PCM Ltd. is part of the Crystal Air Group which was established in 1997. The Crystal Air group operates primarily in the HVAC market. Crystal Air PCM primarily works in the large commercial building market providing novel thermal energy storage solutions for comfort cooling applications.

Training aim

To provide the listener with a sound understanding of the principles of thermal energy storage using phase change materials and the technical and operational benefits for the end user. 

Learning objectives

To gain an understanding of why one would use thermal energy storage utilising phase change materials and the benefits for the end user.
The applications for thermal energy storage using phase change materials.
An introduction to the principle of storing latent heat energy using phase change materials.
To understand how thermal energy storage can contribute to attaining green standards for a building.

To learn how thermal energy storage devices can be integrated into building design.

Course outline

The listener will be introduced to the benefits of phase change materials including applications such as building HVAC and process cooling. The concept of cost savings by shifting cooling load to night time is introduced. The operation and storage of phase change materials will then be described. The listener will then be given examples of how thermal energy storage can contribute to LEED and BREEAM standards. Examples of typical schemes for night time storage of cold energy will be shown.

Trainer's profile

The course is given by one of three people: Mark Claffey has over 8 years' experience in R&D in the areas of thermal energy storage and conversion with a Masters degree in Energy Systems Engineering from UCD. Don Hoban has 20 years' experience in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry and is a member of IRI and the institute of refrigeration (UK). Domnick Ward is the Managing Director of Crystal Air and has 25 years' HVAC experience, Domnick is a member of IRI and a member of ASHRAE.

Course duration

1 hour including Q&A.

Assessment & certification

CPD Hours

Who should attend

Consulting engineers, architects, building managers, designers.