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The Chemical and Process Engineering division is a group for members working in the chemical, biochemical and process engineering sectors, providing CPD and networking events for engineers in these areas.


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Why engineers in project management should consider an ATEX Route Map

Health and safety is paramount in project management. Due consideration of ATEX should be given right from the commencement of a project. Too often, organisations only think of ATEX halfway through a project and sometimes not until orders have been placed on new equipment. This can result in non-compliant process equipment or expensive retrospective design work. In this article, we describe how an ATEX Route Map approach can be used to help project managers navigate their way through a ...

No sweat – engineers design moisture-responsive workout suit

A team of engineers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has designed a breathable workout suit with ventilating flaps that open and close in response to an athlete’s body heat and sweat. These flaps, which range from thumbnail- to finger-sized, are lined with live microbial cells that shrink and expand in response to changes in humidity. The cells act as tiny sensors and actuators, driving the flaps to open when an athlete works up a sweat, and pulling them closed when the ...

Optimisation of film-coating suspension mixing for vessel scale-up

Rebecca Power is studying chemical and biopharmaceutical engineering in Cork Institute of Technology. She undertook her industrial placement in a pharmaceutical company. This article describes the final-year research project she subsequently completed for the client pharmaceutical company. [caption id="attachment_35810" align="alignright" width="300"] Fig 1: Film coating pan and tablet cores (Ima Pharma, 2017)[/caption] The formulation of excipients and active pharmaceutical ...

Optimisation of a multi-component distillation column in Whitegate Refinery

Naina Thomas is studying chemical and biopharmaceutical engineering in the Cork Institute of Technology. She undertook her work placement in Irving Oil at Whitegate Refinery, Co. Cork. This article describes the final-year research project that she subsequently undertook at the refinery last autumn. Whitegate is the country’s only refinery. It processes light, low-sulfur crude oil, sourced from the North Sea and West Africa. The facility produces transportation and heating fuels such as ...

Automated manufacturing technology offers fast peptide synthesis for new drugs

Manufacturing small proteins known as peptides is usually very time-consuming, which has slowed development of new peptide drugs for diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and bacterial infections. To help speed up the manufacturing process, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have designed a machine that can rapidly produce large quantities of customised peptides. Their new tabletop machine can form links between amino acids, the buildings blocks of proteins, in about 37 ...

Chemical engineers boost bacteria's productivity by improving yield of useful chemicals

Chemical engineers have designed a novel genetic switch that allows them to dramatically boost bacteria's production of useful chemicals by shutting down competing metabolic pathways in the cells. In a paper appearing in the February 13 issue of Nature Biotechnology, researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) showed that they could significantly enhance the yield of glucaric acid, a chemical that is a precursor to products such as nylons and detergents. This genetic ...

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