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Part II: role of aluminium oxide content of GGBS on concrete in exposure to sulphate and acid environments

  This, the final part of a two-part paper, presents data on engineering properties such as compressive strength, water absorption, expansion and visual change of mortar specimens incorporating GGBS addition, subjected to severe sulfate attack and cured at 20◦C. Specimens with 50 per cent replacement level of GGBS addition from two different sources,  were immersed in magnesium sulfate solutions with 10 per cent of concentration for periods of up to 150 days. The experimental results ...

Heat transfer fluid maintenance for CSP plants and fulfilling Shuman's dream

Author: Clive Jones, managing director, Global Heat Transfer “One thing I feel sure of [...] is that the human race must finally use direct sun power or revert to barbarism." This quote from a 1914 issue of 'Scientific American' comes from the inventor, engineer and solar pioneer Frank Shuman, whose illustrious career boasts accolades from attaining more than 60 patents and building the world’s first solar thermal power station in Egypt. Shuman’s revolutionary work in solar thermal ...

Researchers pioneer use of capsules to save materials, streamline chemical reactions

  Chemists working in a variety of industries and fields typically go through a laborious process to measure and mix reagents for each reaction they perform. And many of the common reagents they use sit for months or years on shelves in laboratories, where they can react with oxygen and water in the atmosphere, rendering them useless. In a paper published this week in 'Nature', researchers at MIT describe a technique that could help avoid this costly waste, and greatly reduce the ...

Chemical engineers outline new approach to materials design

Virginia Tech chemical engineers have developed a new approach that will have a huge impact in future materials design. A novel approach that should "significantly accelerate materials discovery" is the subject of a new article in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters . The findings reveal a unique model that enables fast and accurate prediction of novel alloy materials for efficient chemical conversions. Two Virginia Tech chemical engineering faculty members, Luke Achenie and ...

Why it is imperative that we manage our explosion risk

  Authors: Yolanda Parras Gomez, process safety engineer and Gary Horgan senior EHS consultant, Chris Mee Group Process and Explosion Safety Management is the proactive and systematic identification, evaluation, and mitigation or prevention of chemical releases, flammable liquids and gases and combustible dust clouds that could occur as a result of failures in process, procedures, or equipment. Unexpected releases of toxic, reactive, or flammable liquids and gases, dust explosions ...

New drug triggers tissue regeneration: Faster regrowth and healing of damaged tissues

  Research focuses on select tissues injured through disease, surgery and transplants, but early findings indicate potential for broad applications The concept sounds like the stuff of science fiction: take a pill, and new tissues grow to replace damaged ones. Researchers have now announced steps toward turning this idea into reality. They have detailed how a new drug repaired damage to the colon, liver and bone marrow in animal models - even saving mice who would have died in a bone ...

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