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The Chemical and Process Engineering division is a group for members working in the chemical, biochemical and process engineering sectors, providing CPD and networking events for engineers in these areas.


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Synthesis and characterisation of multicomponent drug-drug co-crystals

Chemists unveil the structure of an influenza B protein

Findings could help researchers design drugs to treat influenza B infections.

New optical technique captures real-time dynamics of cement setting

Material characterisation approach can pinpoint cement setting times, could lead to more environmentally friendly cement.

Adding value(s) to the process – chemical engineering education for the 21st century

Chemical engineers have always been in the business of adding value to processes, whether that be in the production of food and drinks, chemicals, fossil fuels or bio/pharmaceuticals writes University College Cork's Professor Edmond Byrne.

Diversity and engineering: Ken Mitchell tells his story

When Ken Mitchell walked into the pub to meet his work colleagues socially, he decided to 'come clean' about having a disability, used his walking stick and, with that, he received total acceptance as well as some reassuring words from his boss that he was a good engineer who was hired for his brains and not his brawn

Layer of Protection Analysis: Key points to improve a layperson’s understanding

Although safety professionals often use layers of protection analysis (LOPA) for risk assessment, some managers can be sceptical about these techniques. More often than not, the distrust stems from not getting proper information about LOPA. This scepticism is healthy and provides an opportunity for safety professionals to explain and educate managers about the technique's role and value. Consider this situation: a busy production manager attends a LOPA workshop being conducted for a ...

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