137_CIVIL_LOGO_REVThe Civil division is a group for members engaged in the design, construction and maintenance of the built environment, providing CPD and networking events for engineers.

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The engineering behind how Roman arch bridges work

These bridges helped build the Roman Empire.

Structural Eurocodes: An overview

The first generation of the Structural Eurocodes were viewed as the most comprehensive and advanced suite of structural design standards in the world when published more than 10 years ago, writes Dr Ken Murphy. In that time, their impact has been considerable. It is estimated that the design standards are being used by up to 500,000 professional engineers across Europe and the wider world.

Applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling for the built environment

Computational Fluid Dynamics is a stream of fluid mechanics that utilises numerical methods to analyse and solve problems involving fluid flows. While its use is commonplace in the automotive and aerospace industries, its application for civil engineering applications is cutting edge, write Jennifer Keenahan and Réamonn Mac Réamoinn.

Unique engineering behind the Bandra-Worli Sea Link bridge

The bridge weighs the equivalent of 50,000 African elephants, and the wires used are equivalent to the circumference of the Earth, writes Trevor English.

Construction industry shifting to manufacturing and mass production

Building construction is starting to look a lot more like mass production, writes Trevor English.

A home that will keep you warm and cool the planet

If climate change makes you want to stay in bed all day and forget the world outside then I have some bad news. About 28% of global CO₂ emissions can be traced to the energy generated to light, cool and heat buildings, while a fifth of the UK’s emissions come from heating and powering homes. So a good chunk of your carbon footprint can be laid down before you’ve even left the house.


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