137_CIVIL_LOGO_REVThe Civil division is a group for members engaged in the design, construction and maintenance of the built environment, providing CPD and networking events for engineers.

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Global Engineers: Luiza Brack’s story

How four transport engineers trained their sights on success

Whether describing how the seeds of determination to succeed were sown from having to walk to the local boy’s school to attend honours maths, physics and chemistry classes, or how empathy helps you to be a more effective colleague when collaborating on projects, four female engineers describe their career journey

Obituary: Tim Ryan

Tim Ryan, who died earlier this year after a short illness, was one of a new breed of conservation engineers and former chairman of the Engineers Ireland Conservation Group

Soakaway design and construction - an overview

A soakaway size calculator spreadsheet makes iterative soakaway design much quicker and easier, allowing the designer to complete an optimal design in minutes, writes Stephen Webster

Can deep roads restore public spaces and limit climate change?

With the number of vehicles on the road around the world expected to grow to more than two billion by the 2040s, traffic congestion on roads will worsen to significant degree. Producing 20 per cent of all air pollution, gas-burning vehicles increasingly threaten the air quality and the health of people living in the affected areas. As construction projects seek to expand roads to accommodate the increase in vehicles, more of our open spaces will need to be given over to roads or rail ...

Iran's underground 'qanat' channels are ingenious ancient solutions for sourcing water

The famed Persian irrigation tunnels are considered to be one of the world's oldest engineering marvels and are on Unesco’s World Heritage list, writes Loukia Papadopoulos. The Persian qanats, added to Unesco’s World Heritage list two years ago, are one of the world's oldest engineering marvels. Consisting of an ancient system of water sourcing underground tunnels, these 3,000-year-old ingenious channels still provide a reliable supply of water for some of Iran's most arid ...

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