137_CIVIL_LOGO_REVThe Civil division is a group for members engaged in the design, construction and maintenance of the built environment, providing CPD and networking events for engineers.

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Reach for the sky - the Galway engineer who is shaping the New York skyline

I cannot imagine a harder place to build than in New York City and Áine Brazil, vice president of New York engineering firm, Thornton Tomasetti, concurred. Brazil is a fellow of Engineers Ireland won the International Engineer of the Year Award in 2014. ‘Construction is horrendously difficult and expensive in New York, even for a regular building, because of the adjacencies and the density of the urban fabric. And the age. You’re above a subway that’s 150 years old and trying to put down ...

Alice Perry - the Galway woman who became Europe's first engineering graduate

The beginning of the 20th century was a seismic historical period in which advances were made in philosophy, political thinking, science, literature, engineering and equality. In particular, gradual strides in female equality were made in accessing third-level education (for those that could afford it) and subsequently in employment. As these ground-breaking women entered the workforce, they proved more than equal to their male counterparts. At first, this manifested itself by way of the ...

UCC engineering students build shelters for refugees and displaced people

Walls made of cardboard, roofs unrolled like cling film and interlocking pods that can expand or contract depending on how many people they need to accommodate. These are some of the ideas put in to practice by civil engineering students at University College Cork (UCC), who have designed and built shelters for refugees and displaced persons. Working under the mentorship of Akiboye Connolly Architects, the students designed their shelters following briefings from UNHCR (the United Nations ...

Why dispute avoidance is vital in the high-risk construction sector

Up to recently, the emphasis has been on the resolution of claims and contested cases rather than early recognition and resolution of problems and disputes on construction projects. We need to get back on track; it is vital to use current and available people and documents which are directly relevant and, where possible, return control of disputes to project level and proactively manage the relationship between risk allocation and behavioural attitudes. Construction is a high-risk ...

The development of a pavement management system for the national road network

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) has a total network length of c.5300km, made up of roads of varying standards, from high speed, three-lane motorways to lightly trafficked, narrow, single-carriageway roads. The development process for many pavements has been evolutionary, rather than designed or planned. Historically, TII pavement management practices included collection of pavement condition data, processing and presentation of that data and liaison with local authorities to ...

A note-perfect path from engineering to conducting

If you met an engineer who went on to become a professional conductor, you would probably ask them about their new job. But I was interested to find out why Sinéad Hayes had studied engineering in the first place. ‘It’s a very good question. I think engineering seemed like the sensible choice, and NUI Galway was really close and has a fantastic engineering department. When I was 13, I won a music scholarship to study in the Royal Academy in Dublin and that was really intensive practice ...

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