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The Energy, Environment and Climate Action Division is for professional and student engineers with an interest in energy engineering, managing the environmental impact of economic activities and supporting ambitious climate action in the engineering community. A primary objective of the Division is to support the development and deployment of energy technologies and policies to enable a rapid transition to a fully decarbonised, environmentally sustainable, secure and cost-effective energy system in Ireland.

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Stopping coastal erosion and how sand dunes may provide the answers

The management of these natural barriers through the ages could hold lessons for coping with climate change and rising sea levels today.

Game changer: The small nuclear reactor that can power 300,000 homes

'This is a game-changer technology,' says Westinghouse CEO. 'If the AP1000 had been in operation at Fukushima, it would have been a total non-event.'

Strengthening climate resilience by greening roofs

Startup Roofscapes is planning to build green spaces on pitched roofs in Paris, to decrease temperatures while improving the quality of life.

The solution may be ... blowing in the wind

A recent symposium highlighted the vast potential of offshore turbines in decarbonising the grid – academic experts, energy analysts, wind developers, government officials, and utility representatives explored the immense opportunities and formidable challenges of tapping this titanic resource, both in the US and globally.

US engineers unveil drilling rig to tap into geothermal energy reserves

The concept is a few years away from testing but could see rapid deployment.

Utilising natural ways to clean up wastewater brings hope of major benefits in India

European researchers are working alongside Indian experts to rethink the collection, decontamination and reuse of sewage in the world’s most populous country.


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