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The Energy, Environment and Climate Action Division is for professional and student engineers with an interest in energy engineering, managing the environmental impact of economic activities and supporting ambitious climate action in the engineering community. A primary objective of the Division is to support the development and deployment of energy technologies and policies to enable a rapid transition to a fully decarbonised, environmentally sustainable, secure and cost-effective energy system in Ireland.


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Hydrogen heads home to challenge oil and gas as local energy supply

Hydrogen is carving out its place in the world of renewable energy. Regional developments like hydrogen valleys and hydrogen islands are serving as blueprints for larger ecosystems to produce and consume this versatile fuel locally. 

Electric boilers: The green alternative to heat pumps that nobody is talking about

The UK government has recently announced new grants to encourage the public to move from gas boilers to heat pumps, a greener energy alternative. But little has been said about electric boilers as another low-carbon option, writes Jovana Radulovic, senior lecturer, School of Engineering, University of Portsmouth.

Ireland’s decarbonisation target, green hydrogen, and end users’ limits

Collaborative research has begun between Gas Networks Ireland and UCD’s Energy Institute to ensure the safety and operability of the Irish Gas Network when transporting a blend of hydrogen and methane, write Ali Ekhtiari, Liam Nolan, Paul O’Dwyer, and Eoin Syron.

Waste not, want watts – turning waste into energy

An EU funded project – SmartCHP – is designing a new engine that can turn biomass into heat and electricity. The work involves modifying a diesel engine so that it can handle bio-oil instead of diesel, and engineers have been working on the nuts and bolts of the machine for the past two years.

Stretching sands as desertification spreads to Europe

Drought and desertification threatens to degrade land in Europe and around the world. We take a look at some new studies into how drought spreads and deserts develop.

Untapped resource: An analysis of tidal stream energy extraction in Ireland and the UK

The commercialisation of wind energy systems has far exceeded that of tidal stream turbines and is a mature technology with a range of support services. This article will explore the reasons for this difference in the technologically similar wind and tidal stream contributions to the national grids of Ireland and the UK, writes Mike Barrett.


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