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The Energy, Environment and Climate Action division is for professional and student engineers with an interest in energy policy development, energy conservation technology, renewable energy technology and energy system development to ensure an economically and environmentally sustainable and secure energy system in Ireland.


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Energy, Environment and Climate Action in the Engineers Journal

Decarbonising Dublin: Three strands for a net-zero capital

Grainne Reid and Gemma McCarthy suggest a three-pronged strategy for turning Dublin into a net-zero economy.

How Nikola Tesla's visions of our world came to be reality

The Serbian-American inventor and futurist Nikola Tesla is one of the most revered figures in engineering. His imaginative genius and inventive mind led to dozens of breakthroughs in the production, transmission, and application of electricity.

My engineering life Q&A: Katherine Condon, distiller

Chemical engineer and distiller Katherine Condon describes the importance of possessing technical, creative and communication skills, while also having a good nose for judging whiskey; and says that Henry Ford, 'the man who put the world on wheels', and Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer, are among her engineering heroes.

Five things COVID-19 has taught us about climate action

There is much to learn from the pandemic experience that is relevant for climate action, and Tracy O'Rourke outlines the five key messages that coronavirus has taught us.

How climate change is changing the way we build

Changing weather across the globe is altering how engineers design buildings.

Floating wind farms: How to make them the future of green electricity

Recent projects, including Hywind off the coast of Scotland and Windfloat off Portugal, show that it is possible to build floating wind turbines. A single six megawatt turbine – like those used in the Hywind farm – can generate enough electricity to power 4,000 UK homes.


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