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The Energy, Environment and Climate Action division is for professional and student engineers with an interest in energy policy development, energy conservation technology, renewable energy technology and energy system development to ensure an economically and environmentally sustainable and secure energy system in Ireland.


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This nanoparticle-based fuel additive can reduce cars’ environmental impact

Fossil fuels will be around for a while despite their disadvantages, but new additives could make them eco-friendly and sustainable.

We need non-critical raw materials for green tech to flourish

Developing new, green technologies has been hailed as a way to both achieve Europe’s environmental goals and support its economic recovery following the coronavirus pandemic. But what type of green technologies do we need and how do we get them scaled up to a point where they can have a real impact?

Smart windows could reduce the need for energy-hungry air conditioners

Smart windows that control the amount of heat that enters or leaves a building can reduce the need for energy-intensive air conditioning units and help efforts to retrofit Europe’s buildings to make them more energy efficient.

Could we recycle plastic bags into fabrics of the future?

Engineers have developed self-cooling fabrics from polyethylene, a material commonly used in plastic bags.

A novel, non-destructive methodology for the optimisation of deformed heat pipe structures

Joseph Mooney, winner of the 23rd Annual Sir Bernard Crossland Symposium, on using X-ray tomography and pore network modelling to improve the effectiveness of electronics cooling solutions.

Path to research excellence: Jo Southernwood, senior energy research engineer and principal investigator at Tyndall

Jo Southernwood, senior energy research engineer and principal investigator at Tyndall, shares her path to research excellence. An innate passion for the environment, an unwavering entrepreneurial mindset and a persistent curiosity for discovery have empowered her to accumulate deep expertise that addresses critical, global and societal challenges in the area of sustainable energy research. 


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