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The Energy, Environment and Climate Action division is for professional and student engineers with an interest in energy policy development, energy conservation technology, renewable energy technology and energy system development to ensure an economically and environmentally sustainable and secure energy system in Ireland.


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Intelligent solutions to coating requirements of Irish businesses

As a wind- and sea-battered island on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, outdoor structures in Ireland require a bit of help if they are to function properly and withstand the potentially corrosive nature of the country's changeable weather. Carbon Group, through its Paint & Equipment Division, supplies coatings solutions in Ireland, working to understand customers’ coating requirements and provide the most suitable coatings solutions for their needs. Operating in a wide range of sectors ...

Thermocatalytic biorefining of biomass via the Biofine process

  Author: Dr Stephen Fitzpatrick PhD, founder and chief executive of Biofine Technology LLC  The Biofine process is a high temperature, dilute acid-catalysed rapid hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass. The process cost-effectively refines biomass into four principal products that can be separated and purified for sale: levulinic acid, a versatile platform chemical; formic acid and furfural, which are commodity chemicals; and a carbonaceous ‘bio-char’ consisting of over 60% carbon that can ...

Technical overview: is a wind turbine right for your site?

  Author: Dr Niall McMahon, centre director, Centre for Renewable Energy at Dundalk Institute of Technology (CREDIT) It is important for this discussion to be sure about some important fundamental quantities. Energy is the ability to do work; it is measured in joules (J). Power is the rate at which we use energy and is measured in watts (W). 1W = 1 joule per second (J/s or Js-1). It is usually convenient to measure energy in kilowatt-hours (kWh); a kWh is a unit of electricity. 1 kWh = ...

The development of ICT and energy in Ireland

  Author: David McAuley, R&D programme manager, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland Ireland currently houses 135MW of data centres. This accounts for about 3% of national electricity demand and is growing rapidly. The ICT industry worldwide is no stranger to the connection between energy and sustainability, and actively seeks to include renewable supply and efficiency in its portfolio of solutions. So, how can Ireland leverage its proven advantages in these areas to become the ...

Increase your profit margins with smarter energy purchasing

Within the industrial and commercial sector, energy is widely considered to be a top-three spend, along with labour and materials. Of the three mentioned spends, energy is the most volatile, with prices fluctuating up to 100% in recent years. Such swings in price are forcing businesses to consider new and innovative ways of controlling and managing their energy spend. Ireland Inc is back on the pathway to becoming a more sustainable economy; likewise, Irish businesses are increasing their ...

Shifting sands - engineers change the face of the MENA region

The Middle East–North Africa (MENA) region has always played a central role in global energy supply, given its abundant oil and gas reserves. Given that global energy demand will double up to 2050, the region will continue to maintain this critical role. The MENA region will still, however, be characterised by diverging income levels between resource-rich states such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar along with hi-tech states such as Israel, and the other lower-income states. The future challenge ...


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