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The Energy, Environment and Climate Action division is for professional and student engineers with an interest in energy policy development, energy conservation technology, renewable energy technology and energy system development to ensure an economically and environmentally sustainable and secure energy system in Ireland.


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Understanding solar roadways: An engineering failure of epic proportions

Solar roadways were once thought to be the holy grail of the world's energy crisis, but they didn't quite answer the purpose.

To confront climate change, we need to understand the environmental footprint of global supply chains

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic upended international trade. Countries shut their borders, breaking the webs of supply chains that crisscross the globe. These systems of people, organisations and companies work to supply consumers with products, such as mobile phones, or services, like transportation. While some supply chains have since returned to a semblance of normality, understanding their extent – and how they interact – may be vital if humanity wants to confront its other great challenge: climate change.

Can we engineer cities that can save us from climate change?

Early in February, 26 bodies were pulled from the Indian Himalayas, with more than 100 missing in the days after a glacier break created a colossal avalanche of water and debris into a river valley, demolishing two dams, according to an initial report from The Guardian.

They can capture more carbon than they emit – so why aren’t wooden buildings mainstream?

Four storeys high and made almost entirely of wood, the ZEB Lab building in Trondheim, Norway, had, even before it existed, sucked as much carbon from the atmosphere as it would probably produce in construction. Now, thanks to its arboreal origins, as well as to the sleek expanse of solar panels on its roof and to other energy efficiency measures, it is a carbon-negative building. In other words, from birth to demise, it will have drawn down more carbon than it emitted.

A rundown on the evolution of batteries

As energy storage becomes a greater part of our lives, R&D is set to keep making strides, writes former Engineers Ireland president Chris Horn.

World’s tallest tower that 'eats carbon' proposed for New York City

Designed by French architects, Mandragore is going to be a bold 'carbon eating' tower in New York. 


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