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The Energy, Environment and Climate Action Division is for professional and student engineers with an interest in energy engineering, managing the environmental impact of economic activities and supporting ambitious climate action in the engineering community. A primary objective of the Division is to support the development and deployment of energy technologies and policies to enable a rapid transition to a fully decarbonised, environmentally sustainable, secure and cost-effective energy system in Ireland.

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Energy, Environment and Climate Action in the Engineers Journal

Keeping the lights on as the grid stutters will become an all-consuming challenge

Renewable energy is all very well, but how far will the wind carry us, asks former Engineers Ireland president Dr Chris Horn.

Arctic meltdown and how the focal point for climate change is at the top of our world, and agenda – EU envoy

Fragile and exposed to climate change, the Arctic is warming three times faster than the rest of the planet. As the frozen ground melts, carbon dioxide and methane trapped within it are released into the atmosphere, further contributing to global warming. Michael Mann, the EU’s special envoy for the Arctic, describes the current environmental situation there as extremely serious and warns 'it’s just getting worse and worse'. 

Bigger, better blades for wind turbines

As Europe’s wind turbines grow in size with individual blades soon longer than a professional football pitch, the biggest challenge will be delivering more power with less wear.

Why we must embrace geoengineering and other technologies to stop the climate crisis

Some scientists say an engineered climate recovery must be taken seriously, with aggressive and deliberate management strategies put in place, writes Jaqueline McLeod Rogers of the University of Winnipeg. We need to cultivate citizen interest and government support for research into the development of large-scale geoengineering projects.

Europe’s islands are leading the charge in the clean energy transition

Islands face exorbitant electricity costs when importing fossil fuels and are also among the most vulnerable regions to rising sea levels, drought and flooding. Innovative teamwork is putting them on the fast track to 100% energy independence – the green way.

Environmental, Social, and Governance – or ESG – and why developers should worry about it

ESG has become a really hot topic recently and it seems to be on everybody’s radar. Ciaran O'Leary explains why it really matters to construction projects.


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