Author: Hubert Fitzpatrick, director, Construction Industry Federation During the past year, the Government acknowledged the need for independently verified evidence of compliance with statutory obligations supported by the establishment of a Statutory Register of Builders and Contractors. In tandem with measures introduced by the Minister for the Environment Community and Local Government under the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014, the Minister asked the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) to bring forward proposals for the development of a robust voluntary registration scheme. This scheme is to be reviewed within 12 months of operation with a view to ensuring that a robust statutory scheme is in place by 2015. The CIF responded to the wishes of the Department and has now launched the Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI), which will provide for the online application for registration by contractors and builders. Entry to the register will be subject to an assessment and Board approval. Membership of the Board includes a chair and ten members who are representatives from Government departments and agencies, professionals and members. Three of the ten Board members can be registered members of the CIRI. The CIRI is established and operated by the CIF for the purpose of developing and promoting best practice in the sector. It expects that the Register will help users of construction services when selecting a competent contractor/builder and otherwise discharging their responsibilities under statutory regulations including the Building Control Regulations and the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Regulations.

Selecting a builder/contractor

The Register will contain important information about its members. This information may assist all persons procuring construction services when selecting a builder/contractor. The Register is intended to accommodate the full spectrum of construction and is designed for construction practitioners including all company sizes, partnerships and sole traders such as:
  • Main contractors and builders who deliver overall construction projects;
  • Specialist contractors and sub contractors who deliver overall projects or elements of projects; and
  • Other trades who may be engaged by other contractors, specialist contractors, sub-contractors or by domestic clients.
Applicants for registration can apply for registration under the following headings:
  • Extension and Refurbishment;
  • House Building;
  • Main Contracting;
  • Civil Engineering Contracting;
  • Electrical Contracting;
  • Mechanical/Plumbing and Heating Contracting; and
  • Other Specialist Trades.
A number of sub-headings apply under each of the above categories together with the registrant’s geographical area of operations. Copies of the On Line Application Form for registration, together with the Industry Code of Ethics (applicable under the registration process), can be downloaded from and

Entry on the Construction Industry Register Ireland

Entry on the Register is open to all building and construction companies, partnerships or individuals who:
  • Submit their current Tax Clearance Certificate;
  • Undertake to adhere to the required Industry Code of Ethics and Commitments;
  • Demonstrate that they have the required competence and experience of construction. In this respect, practical hands on experience of working in construction, generally for a period of no less than three years should be demonstrated;
  • Have a knowledge of building practice, building regulations and regulatory obligations;
  • Commit to ongoing training and development so that membership can be maintained and renewed; and
  • Where applicable, an acceptable record which demonstrates compliance with regulatory requirements pertinent to the industry.
Prospective members will be required to undergo an initial induction/training programme so that they are fully aware of the obligations that they commit to under the registration process. The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 oblige owners who commission works to which the 2014 Regulations apply to appoint competent builders who will undertake the works concerned and that any persons employed or engaged by them to undertake any of the works involved will be competent to undertake the works. Provision is also included in the statutory Commencement Notice for inclusion of the Builders’ Construction Industry Register Ireland Registration Number when registered. This registration number should also be included in the statutory undertaking by the builder and in the statutory Completion Certificate to be filed with the Building Control Authority on completion of developments. Applications for registration are now being received by the CIRI office in Construction House, Canal road, Dublin 6 with a view to having the Register publicly available in March 2014.