Over 60 blue-chip clients from a diverse range of sectors – including pharmaceutical, medical devices, food and beverage, education and financial services – attended the event in Dublin for users of the Pemac computerised maintenance management system (CMMS), which was hosted by PMI Software. The Pemac User Group Event included a number of presentations and workshops for user participation and feedback. Wesley Horan, reliability engineer with Rottapharm, gave a presentation entitled, ‘Maintenance Strategy & Support Systems’. Rottapharm recently won strategic manufacturing and maintenance awards from both European and Irish professional organisations, with its implementation of Pemac to facilitate paperless maintenance being a critical factor. Horan indicated that the implementation of Pemac has resulted in a 64% reduction in maintenance cost, a substantial decrease in energy costs and substantial increases in productivity and planned maintenance activities. Benefits include access to a wide range of data including live data, data analysis, remote approval, knowledge management, stock control and reduced administration, he added. “Rottapharm is an innovative pharmaceutical company exporting to over 80 markets worldwide and its successful implementation of Pemac to reduce costs and increase productivity provided valuable insight for users,” said Noel O’Regan, managing director of PMI Software. “The various workshops provided a good learning opportunity for users and an opportunity for them to provide feedback to PMI.” PMI Software provides computerised maintenance management systems, operating in stand-alone, enterprise asset management or enterprise resource planning environments.