The European Commission has adopted a Communication on Energy Prices, to tackle the exceptional rise in global energy prices and help Europe’s people and businesses. 

The high prices are projected to last through the winter and demand a rapid and coordinated response. The Communication includes a 'toolbox' that the EU and its member states can use to address the immediate impact of current prices increases, and further strengthen resilience against future shocks.

Immediate measures

  • Provide emergency income support for energy-poor consumers, for example through vouchers or partial bill payments, which can be supported with EU ETS revenues;
  • Authorise temporary deferrals of bill payments;
  • Put in place safeguards to avoid disconnections from the grid;
  • Provide temporary, targeted reductions in taxation rates for vulnerable households;
  • Provide aid to companies or industries, in line with EU state aid rules;
  • Enhance international energy outreach to ensure the transparency, liquidity and flexibility of international markets;
  • Investigate possible anti-competitive behaviour in the energy market and ask the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) to further enhance monitoring of developments in the carbon market.

In addition, the European Commission will support investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency; examine possible measures on energy storage and purchasing of gas reserves; and assess the current electricity market design.