Irish technology company EVHACS has announced the successful rolling out and deployment of its innovative new product on the Irish market over the winter. EVHACS, the world’s first electric vehicle charger and heat pump/air conditioning unit in one, has been holding field trials on its new technology and is delighted to share this data first with Engineers Ireland. 

The company can announce that live data was taken from a domestic heat pump trial between the period November 13 and January 15. During which the patent-pending technology charged an electric vehicle for a total of 218 hrs 51 mins 46 secs. An electric vehicle (EV) was charged with 976 kWh. The EV had an efficiency rating of 4.78 km/kWh. The test vehicle travelled a total distance of 4,665.28 KM.

The heat pump delivered 2181 kWh of heat to our test home, a 5-bed detached located in Celbridge, Co Kildare. Home heating is entirely supplied by an air to water heat pump, manufactured by our first OEM partner Mitsubishi Electric which was upgraded with EVHACS technology.

The home heating set temperature was to 20oC and outdoor temperatures ranged from -6oC to 13oC. Direct Hot Water (DHW) was supplied by a 200-litre hot water tank kept to 45oC. Maximum flow temperature of the Heat Pump was 50oC. Coefficient of Performance, (COP), a measure of efficiency of the unit, of 3.08 was achieved over the trial period.

The EVHACS system successfully balanced the electricity consumption in the home with the demands of the heat pump and EV charger in one and reported zero interruptions to electricity supply or downtime. It further monitored the total house consumption and throttled back the EVHACS system when required. Car charging current ranged from 6amps to 32 amps on a type two tethered connection from EVHACS.

The dev team have also been running a concurrent, smaller, air conditioner trial in their offices in Clane, Co Kildare where 72 hrs 37 mins 59 secs, or 406 kWh of charging was delivered to multiple electric vehicles with zero downtime. This equates to another 1,827 kms.

Adding the two distances together; over 6,492km were travelled, that’s greater than travelling the entirety of Ireland’s road network, 5,306km, according to the CSO).

CEO of EVHACS Jeff Aherne said: “In one of the coldest months recorded in Ireland for several years the EVHACS system was deployed and monitored in an above-average sized house to observe its performance during harsh weather conditions.

"The system was, effectively, tested on Irish roads where total distance was measured over a period that included harsh Irish winter weather.

"The system worked effectively: it charged the Electric Vehicle outside the house while the heat pump installed inside was able to heat the house throughout the test period. This system is a potential game-changer for those looking to provide their household with a heating and energy distribution system between house and car.”

The team is encouraged by these initial results and are excited to be rolling out larger trials in 2023. If your company or organisation would like to take part in the trials please fill out the form on our website or email us at