A trusted partner of engineers, architects and property developers throughout Ireland, Grant’s innovative and sustainable heating technologies are maximising efficiencies in new-build properties and helping them to achieve Part L compliance.

Within Grant’s diverse product portfolio is the Uflex underfloor heating system and Afinia aluminium radiator range – both of which are key products within the company’s heat emitter offering.

Support overall architecture

Key considerations when selecting the best suited heat emitters for a new build project include, understanding the requirements of the property, including the heat loss of each room and ensuring the heat output of the radiators are at the correct ΔT (Delta T). It is also important that the heat emitters support the overall architecture of the space.

Modern radiators offer efficient ways to effectively distribute heat throughout a property, and Grant’s Afinia aluminium radiator range has been developed to ensure maximum comfort for the property owner. The Afinia range is popular among those working in the trade due to the versatility in size and high efficiency of each model.

The Afinia range is compatible with high and low temperature systems and therefore works seamlessly with a Grant Aerona3 R32 air to water air source heat pump.

The range has excellent conductivity and, with vertical and horizontal combinations available, delivers flexibility with installations. With the ability to expand these radiators from 6-20 panels, the Afinia range offers adaptability to suit the unique needs of the property. In addition, Grant’s Afinia radiators have a white, powder coated finish and are slim in design, offering a modern option beyond traditional radiators.  

Many properties, especially those of a larger scale and featuring contemporary architecture can include areas which are a challenge to heat, such as large spaces with high ceilings or awkwardly shaped rooms. In this instance underfloor heating may provide the best heating solution.

Balance of warmth

Grant’ Uflex underfloor heating system has the ability to provide a balance of warmth throughout a property, whether it’s larger scale or compact. In addition, underfloor heating offers increased hygiene due to reduced air circulation and ensures more space to design and decorate a room without blocking radiators with furniture.

Grant’ Uflex underfloor heating system has the ability to provide a balance of warmth throughout a property

The system is embedded within the floor construction and is designed specifically for the individual areas. The Grant Uflex underfloor heating system is ideal for new builds offering easy installation, optimal control with individual zone heating and comfort.   

Grant’s technical team can design the underfloor heating system for each room within a property as part of its free of charge heating design service. The technical specialists can also advise on the appropriate radiator size required for each room and what delta the radiators need to be designed to, based on the main heat source. Grant’s technical insight will ensure the heating solution is bespoke to the property, bringing it into a new class of efficiency.   

Think Heating. Think Grant. 

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