The government commitment to halve Irish carbon emissions by 2030 and to reach EU targets of net carbon zero by 2050 requires a shift in focus and mentality in the way we approach certain various aspects of our daily lives including how we heat our homes and workplaces, writes Patrick Cooper, area specification manager Wavin Ireland.

Statistics from the EPA show that the residential sector was responsible for 11.4% of the carbon emissions released in Ireland in 2021. With a drive towards sustainability and decreasing carbon emissions within society, there is an urgent need for the installation of greener low carbon heating solutions in homes across the country. Without the adoption of these solutions, meeting government targets looks increasingly unlikely.

Airtight well-insulated homes

In recent years, changes to building regulations Part L have been a primary driver for the construction industry to develop airtight well-insulated homes to NZEB standards. These constructions now require indoor climate solutions to manage both heating and cooling. An underfloor heating system is now widely acknowledged as the best heating solution to help meet reduced carbon emission targets.

Heating engineers and plumbers are aware that an underfloor heating system is more efficient than the traditional radiator. Underfloor heating provides a uniform distribution of heat across a surface resulting a more-even warmth than is typically achieved by other space heating techniques and facilitates an unhindered room layout.

Additional benefits derived from underfloor heating include:

  • Noise-free heating system
  • Conducive to healthy environment with less dust circulated
  • Ability to control with smartphone applications and BMS

In the current economic climate, with the soaring inflation of energy prices, underfloor heating helps save on energy bills and is increasingly considered for retrofit applications as well as new-builds.

Therefore, Wavin believes that underfloor heating will become the system of choice for many Irish households to create a comfortable indoor climate.

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