In a significant move towards a sustainable and secure energy future, the government has released the 'Energy Security in Ireland to 2030' report – the publication of which has been welcomed by Engineers Ireland.

The report outlines a comprehensive strategy for the nation's energy security and reflects many of the key recommendations included in submissions made by Engineers Ireland. It follows 'Powering Ireland – An Electrical Energy Review by Engineers Ireland'.

Focusing on creating a diverse and resilient energy landscape in Ireland, the report highlights the country's aim to move away from fossil fuels and embrace electrification while increasing the use of renewable energy sources. The implementation of smart grid technology and gas storage for renewable gas will aid in achieving these goals.

Engineers in Ireland have long advocated for a comprehensive approach to address climate change and the growing demand for energy. The government's policymakers have embraced these recommendations, demonstrating a united front in pursuing a cleaner and more secure energy future.

Adequately resourced planning system

It is crucial to deliver the recommendations quickly, especially regarding our energy grids, which play a vital role in the future of our energy strategy. The 300-plus grid development projects are are good news, said the engineering membership organisation but it stressed that it would be important to have an adequately resourced planning system in place.

The report focuses on integrating renewable energy sources into Ireland's national grid and the need for electricity and gas network developments.

Engineers Ireland advocates for the use of wind, solar, and other sustainable sources, which aligns with the government's strategic vision to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate climate change. The report emphasises the critical role of engineers in driving technological innovation and acknowledges risks posed by the limited availability of engineers in Ireland.

The report highlights the power of collaboration between the government and the engineering community by providing a roadmap for energy security.

Engineers Ireland said: "Together, we are poised to lead Ireland into a future where energy is not only secure, but also sustainable, and affordable, reflecting a commitment to the nation's wellbeing and the planet. We look forward to working with the government and other stakeholders to implement the strategy and realise Ireland's engineering potential."