The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) has announced that together with co-funding partners, 40 research projects have been awarded €20m in government funding. These awards will support and enable a wide range of energy research projects to improve the influence and impact of Irish energy research and development.

Electrification of the public bus transportation system

One awarded project will look at measures to Improve energy efficiency and ensure a low carbon future for Irish Traveller, Direct Provision and displaced communities living in mobile homes, while another will apply data analytics and artificial intelligence techniques for optimal design and operation for electrification of the public bus transportation system.

SEAI’s National Energy Research, Development & Demonstration (RD&D) Funding Programme contributes to Ireland's transition to a clean and secure energy future by supporting and connecting research institutes, industry, and public sector bodies with policy makers in Ireland. 

Successful RD&D awards include small, medium, and large-scale projects, as well as academic fellowships, supporting a broad range of energy research across Ireland.

SEAI’s National Energy RD&D Funding Programme is supported through the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications and aims to enhance collaboration across a wide range of stakeholders and believes in promoting multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary, and interdisciplinary research approaches.

One project on Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is co-funded with the Department of Transport, while a range of projects focusing on Bioenergy and the Bioeconomy will be jointly supported with the Department of Agriculture, Food, and the Marine.

The collaborative funding arrangements contribute to amplifying the impact of the projects, bringing unique expertise, and networking opportunities, and supporting diverse and collaborative learning experiences.  

Environment minister Eamon Ryan said: “I am delighted to see such a vast range of energy research projects awarded funding to explore new and innovative ways to lead Ireland's energy transition. These projects will help us to continue working towards meeting the targets set out in the Climate Action Plan and help build a better, cleaner future for everyone.”

Overcome associated challenges

Margie McCarthy, director of Research and Policy Insights at SEAI said: “Investing in research and innovation is crucial to allow Ireland to transition to a clean and secure energy future and is one of the most important ways to develop new insights and extend our knowledge to overcome associated challenges.

"In supporting these projects, SEAI is excited to be contributing to new opportunities for knowledge generation, technological breakthroughs, process and product innovations, behavioural changes, and guidance for public policy makers.”

SEAI is pleased to announce that our research PhD stipends for SEAI funded PhD students are increasing from €18,500 to €25,000 per annum effective from January 1, 2024. 

The 2024 SEAI RDD Call will open for applications in March 2024 and will again include both an open strand and a thematic strand. More details will be announced on the SEAI website.